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Derek Arthur (aka Viking) RIP

Posted by Admin on 11th October 2010


I have received the following unfortunate news from Derek’s son, Michael:

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Beelzebub 1,076 (03/10/10)

Posted by Simon Harris on 11th October 2010

Simon Harris.

Almost caught up with these now. This was a nice, tough one including lots of hard words that were satisfyingly solveable from wordplay.

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Independent 7484 by Mordred

Posted by nmsindy on 11th October 2010


Quite a tough and enjoyable puzzle from Mordred, some quite easy clues to start with but then it got much harder with the lower half of the grid especially quite difficult.    Solving time, 40 mins.    Mordred puzzles often have a theme or Nina.   I can’t see anything here apart from noting that there are some names in the grid which may mean something.   As always, would be very happy if anything I missed was pointed out.    There are quite a few references to TV programmes and I may have missed some more.

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Guardian 25,138 / Rufus

Posted by Handel on 11th October 2010


Morning all. This was largely very straightforward, but took us quite a while as we’re never really on Rufus’ wavelength. Still, there were some enjoyable flashes here, 10ac and 8dn being our picks. And no maritime stuff for once, which was a relief…

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Guardian Quiptic 569, by Arachne

Posted by PeterO on 11th October 2010


I found the bottom half of this puzzle went smoothly, but the top half was more challenging. Most of the clues are of exemplary Ximenean form, with clear dictionary definitions; the relatively few cases where compromises have been made for a smoother surface are thus all the more noticeable.

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Private Eye 427 – Super sniper

Posted by beermagnet on 11th October 2010


If there is a theme to this crossword it is that several clues refer to the male member, some in ways that I, as a sensitive soul, find difficult to contemplate. Jacqui Smith is possibly the only female member present, well, present in the past if you see what I mean.  No?  I don’t think I’m making much sense either.  Let’s chalk out the clues … Read the rest of this entry »

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