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Private Eye 427 – Super sniper

Posted by beermagnet on October 11th, 2010


If there is a theme to this crossword it is that several clues refer to the male member, some in ways that I, as a sensitive soul, find difficult to contemplate. Jacqui Smith is possibly the only female member present, well, present in the past if you see what I mean.  No?  I don’t think I’m making much sense either.  Let’s chalk out the clues …

7 HANGOVER G[ordon] inside HANOVER (electorate)
8 WATSON FATSO with a different fist letter, then [eammo]N Def: Holmes’s support
11 SUPER SUP (drink) ER (US TV Show) Def: Copper. Short for Superintendant
12 MELODRAMA (MODEL)* AInd: stimulated; RAM (drive) A Def: piece of ham – ham acting that is
13 IN RUINS (IRIS NUN)* AInd: remade
15 MAGICAL MAG (snipped organ – short for Magazine) I (Cyclops) CAL (the state) Def: Fabulous
16 NUMBER CRUNCHING NUMBER (not so sensitive) CRUNCHING (smashing)
20 JUGULAR Double Def, sort of, one of them refers to the phrase “go for the jugular”
22 FLOTSAM F[emale] LOTS (piles) A.M. (early in the day)
24 CLIMACTIC C[old] inside CLIMATIC (about temperature etc.)
27 URSULA (USUAL R[ex])* AInd: bust
28 IMPOLITE [p]IMP (Ponce doesn’t start) (TO LIE)* AInd: about.
1 THESPIAN H[ot] inside (PANTIES)* AInd: plastic
2 SNIPER SNI[p]PER  Snipper as in a surgeon.  Def: Critic
3 COERCIVE ER (Brenda) inside COC[k] then I’VE (one has).  This and the preceding clue 2 were the last to be entered because I had to steel myself to stop wincing and avoid reading the clue surfaces
5 LAPDOG LAP (area of genitalia) DOG (follow)
6 ON CALL ON (working) then first letters of Conservative And Lousy Libdem
9 SAATCHI (AS)< (like flips) [th]ATCH[er] I (one) Def: Agency man
10 PLUM DUFF (M’LUD)* AInd: rudely, inside PUFF (spiel)
14 SECURITY (CURSE)* AInd: foul, I (one) T[or]Y
17 MUGGINS GIN (booze) inside MUGS (faces) Def: Silly old Cyclops.  This sweet clue gets my favourite sticker:
Silly old Cyclops faces having to get booze in (7)
18 CROSSBOW CROSS (interbreed) BOW (somewhere in London).  You never have to wait long for a Jeffrey Archer reference around here.
19 GUMSHOE GUMS (sticks) HOE (tool)
20/26 JACQUI SMITH AC (account) inside (JIM QUITS)* AInd: falsified,  then H[ard].  Probably the biggest loser from the expenses fiasco
21 LIABLE (LIBERAL – [bo]R[is])* AInd: wishy-washy Def: to blame
25 CAMP M[cKellen] inside CAP (national player)  Does Ian McKellen do crosswords?  I think he’d laugh if he saw this:
National player takes McKellen’s lead, playing the Queen (4)

I’m a London commuter who’s making great use of the new Bike Hire scheme since I discovered even old, fat blokes like me can do it. It’s doing nothing for my fitness though – I’m saving at least 20 mins a day: That’s time for another pint!

5 Responses to “Private Eye 427 – Super sniper”

  1. Chatty Corner says:

    This crossword is educational – I didn’t know that an Australian constituency is called a Hanover. Though the answer HANGOVER was obvious anyway.
    This is the first time I remember seeing “falsified” to indicate an acronym – the setter is always coming up with new ways to do this.

  2. Nick says:

    I didn’t know that an Australian constituency is called a Hanover

    I thought the clue was refering to the Elector of Hanover; one of the German monarchs that selected the Holy Roman Emperor.

  3. Chatty Corner says:

    My Collins dictionary gives both of these.

  4. malc95 says:

    Surely ‘pimp’ not ‘wimp’ at 28a?

  5. beermagnet says:

    malc you are correct – slip of the brain.

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