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Inquisitor 1146: Grub Up by Lato

Posted by kenmac on October 13th, 2010


Inquisitor 1146

Another fairly complex preamble. In essence it says that twelve entries are not clued in the conventional way. Four of them are clued by single extra words in four clues. Further, the four single-word-clued entries and four of the unclued entries are “suitably positioned” and indicate a choice of dishes. The remaining four unclued entries are “cooked” (read anagrammed) versions of the main ingredients of the dishes. Finally, one thematic entry can be mixed with a normal entry to create an anagram of part of one dish’s name. The entries are symmetrically opposed but there’s no indication as to which kind of thematic entry. For checking purposes, we can use the unchecked and mutually checked letters of unclued entries to make ONE SORTED YUM.

I enjoyed this puzzle as the various bits and pieces were revealed. I saw the possibility of PRUNES (b11:across) reasonably early and then I spotted CAPER (a7:across) and a possible TOAST (g1:down) and a possible BEANS (i1:down.) This set me off looking for dishes made with capers, prunes, beans and toast. Apart from the possibility of a meal made up of the only things left in the cupboard after a night at the pub, it didn’t seem very promising. At this point I just set about solving the remaining clues. I managed to completely mislead myself with 18a. I had ELOPS (i think this actually works: def: fish, [th]E+LOPS (cut off); clue: Fish after the tail finally gets cut off (5)).

In the end, it seems we were looking for two “Angels on Horseback” and two “Devils on Horseback“, the ingredients variously (depending on which website you visit) consist of PRUNES (b11:across), OYSTERS (m2:down), BACON (i1:down) and TOAST (g1:down.) The “suitably positioned” entries were Angels: NURSES (c1:down) THRONES (k1:down) and Devils: DEMONS (f7:down) and DRUDGES (i6:down) immediately above four horses entered backwards: PACER (a7:across), NAG (j8:across), MR ED (d13:across) and RED RUM (h13:across). The four “horses” were clued by extra words: 18a SKIN:DERM, 23a CRIME:MURDER, 1d REPEAT:RECAP and 33d STARTED:GAN.

The letters of ONE SORTED YUM were dispersed as follows: O(m3), N(f11), E(k6), S(b11), O(i5), R(c3), T(g5), E(i11), D(f7), Y(m6), U(i8), M(f9).

Finally, the entries GAN(j8:across) and the symmetrically opposed LSE(17a) can be anagrammed to make ANGELS.

At this point I’d like to echo the sentiments expressed in the rant in the blog for Enigmatic Variations 934. Why can’t we just have clue numbers for thematic/unclued entries?

No Extra Entry Definition Wordplay
1 ANNEAL temper (Princess)
+AL (short boy’s name)
4 SABA old Yemeni people haS A BAttle (hidden: to include)
6+37 TIS paper TIS (it’s)+SUE (girl)
7 BLUE TIT bird BLUE (down)+TIT (promptly)
9 CACHET seal C(lapping)+AC (before food)+THE (anag: performing)
11 ORNERY low American OR (gold)+NER[v]Y (excitable) minus V(ery)
12 TESSERA ticket ARE (live)+S[how]+SET (decline) (all reversed: to return)
13 ECHOER mimic E (IVR: Spain)+CHO[k]ER (he loses nerve) minus K(ing)
14 OLEIC type of acid [p]OLICE minus P (quiet) (anag: volatile)
15 INGE German woman [h]INGE minus H(usband)
17 LSE college L[o]SE minus O(ld)
18 SKIN ELIDE cut off [th]E [tai]L+IDE (fish)
a7 RECAP repeat (from 1d) PACER
22 RISES is on the up SIR (reversed: backing)+ES (IVR: El Salvador)
23 CRIME LEEDS city (homophone: of discussion) LEADS (is at the forefront)
j8 GAN started (from 33d) NAG
27 I SAY expression of protest I[s]LAY (island) minus L(ine)
30 DEPOT regimental headquarters TOPED (drank regularly) (reversed: around)
31 SCRUTO trapdoor S (is)+COURT (anag: another)
32 NAGAPIE bushbaby NAG (constantly worry)+A(bout)+PIE (food)
b11 SPURNE (unclued) PRUNES
35 NAIRAS Nigerian money IR(ish) inside NAAS (pronounced NAICE: Irish town famous for its racecourse)
36 ROSANNA girl :-( Not sure. I can see ROAN (horse) and S(on) but nowt else.

Clue: Girl’s horse son kept backing before (7)

37 SUE (see 6)
d13 DERM skin (from 18a) MR ED
h13 MURDER crime (from 23a) RED RUM

No Extra Entry Definition Wordplay
1 REPEAT A BIT OF somewhat A BIT OF[f] (In bad taste)
c1 NURSES (unclued) Angels
2 EELS fish [h]EELS (rats – despicable persons)
3 LIERNE rib LIE (it’s not true)+R[e]NE minus E[at]
g1 STOAT (unclued) TOAST
i1 BANCO (unclued) BACON
5 ACE one [r]ACE minus R(ight)
k1 THRONES (unclued) Angels
m1 STOREYS (unclued) OYSTERS
8 THE CAPE part of S Africa CAP (let him take) inside THEE (you)
9 CREDIT reputation RED (socialist) inside CIT (not a gentleman.) This wanted to be CRETIN for ages.
10 FELLERS (Irish) chaps FELL (knock down)+ERS[e] (Irish.) IRISH seems to be doing double-duty here.
16 GLENOID cavity OLD+INGE (see 15a) (anag: abnormal)
19 LAD boy LA (see)+D(utch)
i6 DRUDGES (unclued) Devils
20 RAISINS dried food IS(aiah) inside RAINS (pours water)
21 CHARPIE dressing for wounds CHAR (cleaner)+PIE (confusion)
f7 DEMONS (unclued) Devils
24 SHALOM peace (Prince) HAL inside SOM[e] (rather)
25 APPEND hang on [h]APPEN (chance)+D(epartment)
26 STELAR of central part of plant ALTERS (anag: dynamic)
28 STRAE thatcher’s stock in trade up north TEARS (anag: angry)
29 INERM unarmed R (king) inside MEN (soldiers)+I (one) (reversed: mounted)
33 STARTED ARAR tree A(merican)+RAR[e] (chopping down)
34 URD plant ERRED (made a mistake) (Homophone: talking to)

8 Responses to “Inquisitor 1146: Grub Up by Lato”

  1. nmsindy says:

    One of Lato’s finest puzzles IMHO – a very clever idea, brilliantly executed. Thanks for the blog, kenmac, I too found ROSANNA the hardest clue, I think that it’s AN = before that is being used.

  2. anax says:

    I got lost somewhere on this and registered a DNF, but it strikes me now that ONE SORTED YUM is a ‘gram of OYSTER MENUDO. Absolutely no idea if that’s significant!

  3. Simon Harris says:

    DNF here too: a largely full grid but absolutely no idea how to make anything remotely dish- or ingredient-like from it. So very well blogged, sir.

  4. kenmac says:

    Truth is it was almost a DNF from me. The PDM was staring at MURDER (which I already knew was RED RUM backwards) and DERM (which I couldn’t help seeing as MERD (pardon my French!) I then spotted that GAN was NAG backwards, thus MR ED raised his head and it was plain sailing from there.

  5. HolyGhost says:

    Not too bad at all, really.

    About half way through I got BACON (BANCO) and after a fleeting search for EGGS I spotted OYSTERS (STOREYS) and then TOAST (STOAT), so I felt I knew what I was looking for. Finding PRUNES (SPURNE) I realised I was dealing with both Angels and Devils (on Horseback), confirmed by THRONES and DEMONS. But what about ‘Horseback’?

    Only then did I realise that 4 of the down ‘specials’ were sitting on the other 4 down ones, and (as did Ken) tumbled to GAN, i.e. NAG backwards, with similar results.

    Quite satisfying.

  6. HolyGhost says:

    PS Sorry – in penult. para. above, “other 4 down ones” should of course be “other 4 across ones”. (V.tired at the end of tough week.)

  7. Hi of Hihoba says:

    I did finish this one, but had trouble with the dishes – I was looking for four dishes, not two, and angels and devils seem to be the only two “on horseback” dishes. So the Thrones and Drudges caused much consternation. Neither dish actually includes toast, which is only added (as a base) if they are served as canapes! Got there in the end, but it took all week!

  8. Lato says:

    Thanks for the blog and comments. The ingredients were those specified in Chambers.

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