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Independent 7488 – Phi

Posted by flashling on October 15th, 2010


Usual Phi goodness. As per usual with Phi there’s a composer.

Doubt there’s much to trouble moderately experienced solvers today although 7d is an unknown phrase to me.
7 San Andreas Fault – (LA SF AND NATURE AS)*
9 Elgar – Well it’s Phi so you expect a composer RAGE rev about L
10 Stillness – SILL(i)NESS about T
11 Pachydermic – PAC(e) + (HY(po)DERMIC)
13 Sue – SU(it)E
14 Instant – (T in SAN) in (spl)INT
16 Cascade – A S CAD in CE
17 Ebb – hid rev in (landlu)BBE(r)
18 De Profundis – Wilde essay FUND in (PERIODS)*
21 Trainload – TAD about (ON RAIL)*
22 Fudge – F + (n)UDGE
24 Pick up the pieces – PICK UP + THE PIES about CE
1 Snag – GA(i)NS rev
2 In tray – I NAY about TR(ansactions)
3 Prospect – PROSE about P(rince) + CT
4 Radium – RA + DIM  about U(ranium)
5 Afflicts – (r)AFTS about FLIC French slang for policeman
6 Queensland – QUEEN + L in SAND
7 Sleep like a top – CD not a phrase that readily came to my mind – don’t think I’ve seen it before
8 Tastelessness – Statelessness with initial S moved down a bit.
12 Casablanca – Spanish for White House
15 Addendum – AD(o) + DEN + DUM(b)
16 Cloudier – C + LOUD + I.E. + R
19 Pronto – PR + ON TO
20 Unfair – (f)UNFAIR
23 Dock – DOC + K(nowledge)

11 Responses to “Independent 7488 – Phi”

  1. sidey says:

    The long ones weren’t difficult so it was fairly straightforward. Enjoyable.

  2. scchua says:

    Thanks flashling for the blog and Phi for another enjoyable crossword.

    The lower half seemed a harder nut to crack than the upper, but 7D SLEEP LIKE A TOP provided the entree.

    Favourite clues were 11A PACHYDERMIC (though one could split hairs and argue the hypodermic is not a source?), 14A INSTANT with “hospital” = SAN(atorium) instead of the usual H and the long 24A PICK UP THE PIECES whose parsing was easier than the partial anagram I first thought it was.

  3. Mordred says:

    Much to be admired, as usual, in PHI’s clueing. My favourite, for aptness, tightness, and good surface reading: CASABLANCA.

    At a National Crossword Championship regional final some years ago, the late great Mike Rich, in his speech, said that the concise crossord setter would have to go if he didn’t stop playing about. He had included one of the words which also appeared in a competition puzzle. See FUDGE.

  4. Mordred says:

    Actually he said crossWord!

  5. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, flashling. I bet that after your last couple of outings, you’re glad to have had this one to blog!

    I really enjoyed this offering from Phi. SAN ANDREAS FAULT isn’t half bad, and PICK UP THE PIECES made me chuckle. CASABLANCA completes my top three. I had a strange route to DE PROFUNDIS: I only had the two Ds from crossing letters, had no idea that Oscar Wilde had written it, guessed it must be DE something, somehow thought back to Phi’s clue NUNC DIMITTIS the other week, slapped it in, and was delighted to find on searching that it was right. Brains work in different ways, I guess.

    I too struggled with SLEEP LIKE A TOP. I do know it, but SLEEP LIKE A LOG is more common (‘A Hard Day’s Night’ by the Fab Four, for those old enough to remember).

    I took ‘move’ in 22ac to be ‘budge’, but either works.

    We’ve had five very good puzzles in the Indy this week.

  6. Kathryn's Dad says:

    And on another topic, I was sorry to learn from a link in today’s Guardian blog that Virgilius won’t be setting for the Indy in the foreseeable future. I remarked that we hadn’t seen him for a bit and was directed to an explanation from eimi. Perhaps it’s been mentioned on this blog, but I can’t remember seeing it.

    Also, today’s Guardian blog contains a link from Andrew to a very interesting broadcast interview with Brendan/Virgilius. Recommend it.

  7. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, flashling, and Phi for the puzzle of his usual excellent standard, not too hard, I found. Favourite clue, TRAINLOAD.

  8. scchua says:

    K’sDad, thanks for the link to the interview with Brendan/Virgilius. He makes a lot of sense. I guess our loss is activists’ gain. (Not a clue as to eimi’s explanation)

  9. Wil Ransome says:

    Is it significant that the first line of unches on the left reading down spell out ALAN BRI? Perhaps there is a reference to an Alan something that I can’t see. Probably trying too hard to see something.

    Good as usual with Phi. Had never heard of a flic, so 5dn was my last in, not very confidently.

  10. Allan_C says:

    I’d certainly agree with K’s D that we’ve had five very good puzzles this week.

    I often used to wonder why a top should be a model of sound sleep; according to Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable it’s because when spinning tops “are at the acme of their gyration, they become so steady and quiet that they do not seem to move; in this state they are said to ‘sleep'”. The phrase ‘sleep like a top’ is found in one of the plays of William Congreve (1670-1729), so is quite old.

    Thanks, flashling, for the explanation of 8dn.

  11. flashling says:

    @ KD yes very pleased to get an easier one, though my fears are raised for an Anax special on thursday… Personally i’m disappointed that we won’t see Virgilus again but understand why. Perhaps Eimi can persuade him to do a christmas special.

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