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Independent on Sunday 1078 by Quixote – 10th October 2010

Posted by Handel on October 17th, 2010


A couple of unfamiliar words meant we couldn’t quite finish this unaided. Still, good to learn some new bits of vocab, and to remember ‘eclogue’, which was long forgotten from A-Level classical civ but not quite gone altogether. Nine down merits a special mention as a really inventive and sparsely worded gem. Eight across was also nice, with the join between definition and wordplay (3D/camera) being very smooth.


1. TRA(G.I.)C(t)

5. ROT  ATE Ate is the goddess of mischief in Greek mythology

8. ALPHANUMERICAL (camera up in hall)* a very neat clue, with a good surface reading

11. TOP  KNOT cryptic definition, the hairstyle also known as ‘the Croydon facelift’!

12. SHORT  EN(d) ‘short’ would sound like ‘sort’ if you were slurring your words ‘drunk’.

13. T.(I)A.   R.A.  a mini crown

14. BULL  F  IN  CH

17.  RESILIENT (listener I)*

19. C  A  VIL(lager) ‘villager’ with beer taken out is a nice device, quite inventive

20. OP  T  I MUM

23. EC  LOG  U  E last one in, frustratingly, even though we did know it and the ‘-logue’ ending was pretty clear. It means a poem in a classical style on a pastoral subject. EC is London’s City postcode.

24. SEAT OF THE PANTS (poet an ass theft)*

25. BLANCH ‘branch’ with L replacing R (‘one side rather than the other’)

26. S(P)EEDY


2. ROLEPLAYS (pal sorely)*

3. GEHENNA ‘anne’, then ‘H’ for Henry, then ‘e.g’ for ‘say’, all reversed

4. C(ON  ST.)ABLE ‘cable’ is a ‘guy’ as in ‘guy-rope’

5. yorkshiRE MUSical

6. TURN-OFF dd

7. TAC(I)T

9. LANDHOLDER because Llandudno ‘holds’ the word ‘land’ within it. Good clue.

10. STATEROOMS (smart set oo)* ‘circle repeatedly’ = ‘oo’

15. LITHENESS (he listens)*

16. NAVIGATED ‘divan’ reversed around ‘gate’

18. L(A M.P.)OON(y)


21. T(R)AIL

22. MATCH dd

2 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1078 by Quixote – 10th October 2010”

  1. DorothyS says:

    Thanks for the thorough blog, Handel. I don’t often comment, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed this puzzle, particularly 8ac, ALPHANUMERICAL. ‘Specially positioned’ makes a nice change from the usual anagrinds and fitted beautifully into the surface reading. Very neat!

  2. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, Handel, and to Quixote for the puzzle. V enjoyable, not too difficult.

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