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Independent 7,492 by Dac

Posted by Simon Harris on 20th October 2010

Simon Harris.

Goodness, this was a bit more of a bruising than I expected today. In fact I really struggled, resorting first to “Reveal Letter” and eventually to “Reveal” simply to get this post filed at a reasonable time. I’ve done my best to explain things, but I’m sure there are some gaps for commenters to fill.

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Financial Times 13,521 / Aardvark

Posted by Gaufrid on 20th October 2010


Normally Aardvark only puts in an appearance once a month, usually on a Wednesday, but this is his second outing in the space of two weeks.

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Inquisitor 1147: Conundrum by Nimrod

Posted by HolyGhost on 20th October 2010


“Each clue yields a superfluous letter …” (alert: it might not be from the wordplay, but in the definition, or elsewhere?). These give a conundrum, three possible answers, and the initials of the ‘organisation’ that could supply the answer. Four pairs of contiguous cells are untinted, and ignored in the wordplay of relevant clues. Thirty appropriate cells in the completed grid are to be blacked out.
Fifty one clues – so the blog’ll take some time … but I have to solve the puzzle first!

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Guardian 25,146 – Auster

Posted by Andrew on 20th October 2010


A pretty easy puzzle from Auster (who I don’t think we’ve seen for a while), with a lot of rather obvious charades and anagrams. Pleasant enough, but nothing stands out as particularly notable.

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