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Independent 7493 by Eimi

Posted by flashling on October 21st, 2010


So it’s Eimi today, normally this would be a wake up to look for hidden stuff or clues about the date etc, but if there is anything I’ve missed it.

There’s singers, songs and opera in here though.


1 Hamal – H + LAMA rev, an Arabic porter
4 Sikh – hom Seek
6 Rhea – (Hear)* or hom Rear -> RHEA a flightless bird
10 Underload Switch – UNDER + LOADS + WITCH a circuit to protect motors.
11 Damon Albarn – (Abnormal DNA)*
11 Lee – Eel rev
13 Debrett’s Peerage – DE(utsch) + (A(l)bert Speer get)*
15 Autobiographies – A + (H Bogota is Peru I(one))*
19 Gee – E e.g. rev
20 Neil Diamond – (Indian Model)*
22 Suffer in silence – DD/CD/&lit
23 Aryl – Lyra rev a constellation resembling a lyre. Aryls are organic compounds like Phenol
24 Ugly – (b)UG + L(ikel)Y
25 Reams – RE + A + MS


1 Hounded – HO + UNDE(a)D
2 Madame Butterfly – MAD + (flutter maybe)*
3 La Ronde – (Deal or N(o))*
4 Seoul – hom soul
5 Kidnapper – DNA in Kipper
7 Hotel California – HOT + EL + California
8 Athlete – A + TH(LET)E
9 Twinge – Hidden in (lef)T WINGE(rs)
14 Two-Timing – O(rdinary) + TIM in TWING(e) see 9
15 Augusta – Home of US Masters, AUGUST + A
16 Banger – B(ernard) (L)ANGER, not L
17 Pearler – EARL in PE(e)R
18 Sadness – Hidden reversed in (musician)S SEND A S(ong)
21 Dusty – (simpson)S in DUTY.

10 Responses to “Independent 7493 by Eimi”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, Flashling, and for the puzzle, eimi. Because of some unusual answers I too wondered if there was a theme/Nina but can’t spot one. Was able to work everything out eventually and verify after, quite a lot of excellent clues eg GEE, SUFFER IN SILENCE, AUGUSTA, PEARLER, SADNESS, DUSTY. Had not heard of ‘La Ronde’ but that might be from a sheltered upbringing…

  2. eimi says:

    Thanks, Flashling. To put Nina-hunters out of their misery, rarely for an eimi puzzle there isn’t one here. There have been quite a lot of themes, ghost themes and Ninas lately, so I thought I’d redress the balance with a vanilla crossword, though my starting point was the anagrams of pop stars in symmetrical positions.

  3. Joins says:

    11ac. Interestingly there is a Blur track called anagrammatically, ‘Dan Abnormal’

  4. Lenny says:

    This was entertaining stuff with the top half going in quickly but I could not get a handle on the bottom half for a long time until I had worked out the rather laboured anagram of autobiographies. No problem with the pop stuff but I struggled to remember Monty’s partner, trying to do something with NFaldo.

    I finished, annoyingly with the hidden word. Also I had one letter wrong. I have never heard of Aryl or Lyra so I guessed at Amyl and hoped that there was a Lyma constellation. Thanks to Flashling and Eimi. That grid with its 6×15 letter answers must have been a tricky one to fill.

  5. scchua says:

    Thanks flashling and Eimi for an entertaining crossword.

    First one in was 21D DUSTY and I had hopes of a themed/nina-ed puzzle (around 60’s music perhaps). But alas, only a smattering of musical references including an opera.

    Nevertheless, great clues, favourites being 19A GEE which Americanism has practically the same origin as the English “cripes”, 4A SEOUL, predictably, one of its travel ads uses this homonym, 7D HOTEL CALIFORNIA which with MADAM(E or A) BUTTERFLY was featured recently and must be setters’ favourites (partly because of its letter length?).

  6. Stella Heath says:

    thanks for the blog, Flashling, and for the puzzle, Eimi. I enjoyed the pop references – for once most of them were not after my time! – espcially Neil Diamond, who I spotted before reading the clue, my husband and I being great fans.

    I liked the misdirection for Ms. Springfield :)

    I didn’t get ‘aryl’, being unfamiliar with astronomy or chemistry, and hadn’t heard of 11ac. either, but twigged his first name and resorted to Wiki. I don’t follow golf either, and didn’t know Monty’s partner’s name, but had at least heard of the Augusta Masters :)

    Some great clues here: I liked 17d and 1/4ac.

  7. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Well, I’m disappointed that everyone found it so straightforward! I got really stuck with this – only solved a few on the first run through, then perservered with the anagrams and couldn’t see them, so in the end was a long way short. Looking at the explanations I can’t really see why now.

    And with Araucaria in the Grauniad today, who I can never do, it was a bit of a ‘Norvège, nul points’ feeling this morning.

    Ho hum, Phi tomorrow. Thanks for the blog, flashling.

  8. Allan_C says:

    You’re not the only one, K’s D. I only got a few on the first pass, then eventually got AUTOBIOGRAPHIES via a word finder. That broke the dam a bit but it still took ages to finish. Then, of course, it all looked so straightforward.

  9. walruss says:

    I jst wanted to add good vibes to this thread, even though a bit late in the day. Great puzzle from the Indy.

  10. flashling says:

    Eimi has privately told me that while my version for Rhea surprisingly works he hadn’t meant it that way.

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