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Guardian 25,152 / Araucaria

Posted by mhl on 27th October 2010


A satisfying and fairly easy puzzle today from Araucaria, but with enough tricky bits to make writing the post a challenge :) (To give credit where it’s due, my partner filled in about half of the grid before I’d started looking at it, so perhaps it wasn’t all that easy after all…)

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Financial Times 13,527 / Cinephile

Posted by Gaufrid on 27th October 2010


A pleasant start to the day with a typical themed puzzle from Cinephile containing ‘E’ in many clues.

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Inquisitor 1148 – Trial by Schadenfreude – 16 October 2010

Posted by duncanshiell on 27th October 2010


The preamble told us that one letter or word must be removed from each clue before it can be solved.  In clue order the removals provide a quotation related to an event which occurred 50 years ago.  1/43, 16/10 and 31/40/14 are unclued.  Solvers must highlight the two thematic characters occupying a total of 12 squares.  Treated clues consist only of real words but seldom make any literal sense.

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Independent – 7498 by Dac

Posted by flashling on 27th October 2010


Wednesday and back with the Dac goodness, one new word to me but quite get-able, oh and sorry K’sD no hat trick I’m afraid you were on one but Dac’s not played ball. Lots of lovely surfaces as usual from Dac. No themes etc as far as I can tell but happy to be corrected.   

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