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Independent on Sunday 1080 by Quixote – 24th October 2010

Posted by Handel on October 31st, 2010


A gentler puzzle this week than last, with nothing to frighten the horses. 12ac was a real delight, and made us think for a while about the precision of wording needed in cryptic definitions. Another enjoyable outing, so our thanks to Quixote.


1. CAPRI  (h)OLE this is a leap by a horse, but we got this from the SI rather than the definition


9. CARD  I  FF ff=very loud in musical notation

10. K  A  F  TANS

11. LIED dd, and oddly I’d recently seen the musical definition in Chambers when flicking through it

12. SANDCASTLE cd: ‘Keep falling down as the water comes closer?’ Very nice. Deciding the wording for a clue like this must take a lot of judgement. ‘Keep getting washed away?’ or some such would be tempting to me

14. UNPASTEURISED (Putridness eau)*

16. EXPOSURE METER anagram of ‘supremo’ in ‘Exeter’.

20. IN  G  RAIN  IN  G ‘good first and last’ meaning place the ‘g’ either side of ‘rain in’

21. GAZ(e)  A

23. erudITE MISEr


25. N  UTTER

26. F(RIGHT)EN ‘right’ is ‘completely’ in a phrase such as ‘he’s a right nutter’, for instance


1. COCKLE dd didn’t know the weed definition, so this didn’t go in till late in the solve

2. PAR  VEN  U

3. choIR I Spotted

4. LIFE ASSURANCE (A clue fairness)* spent a while here thinking that ‘what’s spelt out in a policy’ might lead to an initialism such as APO, which is spelt out in ‘a policy’, but turned out this was overthinking it somewhat

6. DEF  (LA)  GRATE couldn’t think of the word here, having got stuck on ‘conflagrate’

7. LEAN-TOS (slate on)*


10. KIDDERMINSTER (drinkers I’d met)* whether the anagram fodder is appropriate for the place or not I couldn’t possibly say, having never visited

13. A  POST  A  TI(S)E

15. REV  IS  I(O)N

17. PIGMEN  T hadn’t heard of ‘pigmen’, but it’s pretty clear what they are likely to be…

18. REALIST (is alert)*

19. BAR  REN(t)

22. D  RUG

One Response to “Independent on Sunday 1080 by Quixote – 24th October 2010”

  1. Simon Harris says:

    I’ll admit to finding this quite tough. 1ac/1dn completely beat me, so thanks for clearing those up.

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