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Financial Times 13,519 – Crux

Posted by Uncle Yap on 28th October 2010

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 18 October 2010
A very varied mixture of clues to tickle and entertain us. Quite fun to solve

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Financial Times 13,518 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on 28th October 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of October 16

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Guardian 25,152 / Araucaria

Posted by mhl on 27th October 2010


A satisfying and fairly easy puzzle today from Araucaria, but with enough tricky bits to make writing the post a challenge :) (To give credit where it’s due, my partner filled in about half of the grid before I’d started looking at it, so perhaps it wasn’t all that easy after all…)

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Financial Times 13,527 / Cinephile

Posted by Gaufrid on 27th October 2010


A pleasant start to the day with a typical themed puzzle from Cinephile containing ‘E’ in many clues.

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Inquisitor 1148 – Trial by Schadenfreude – 16 October 2010

Posted by duncanshiell on 27th October 2010


The preamble told us that one letter or word must be removed from each clue before it can be solved.  In clue order the removals provide a quotation related to an event which occurred 50 years ago.  1/43, 16/10 and 31/40/14 are unclued.  Solvers must highlight the two thematic characters occupying a total of 12 squares.  Treated clues consist only of real words but seldom make any literal sense.

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Independent – 7498 by Dac

Posted by flashling on 27th October 2010


Wednesday and back with the Dac goodness, one new word to me but quite get-able, oh and sorry K’sD no hat trick I’m afraid you were on one but Dac’s not played ball. Lots of lovely surfaces as usual from Dac. No themes etc as far as I can tell but happy to be corrected.   

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Independent 7,497 by Tyrus

Posted by Simon Harris on 26th October 2010

Simon Harris.

Cripes. This was very good indeed, but a really tough one to blog, not unlike my previous encounter with Tyrus. With a bit of help, I think I’ve managed to explain things, but could easily be wrong in places. Still, some cracking clues and surface readings today.

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Guardian Quiptic 571 / Moley

Posted by Big Dave on 26th October 2010

Big Dave.

When I noticed that this puzzle had yet to be reviewed, I put this together hastily.  Several of the clues seemed to have words added solely for the surface reading, and the missing homophone indicator in 15d was somewhat surprising.

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Guardian 25151 Paul – Who could ask for more?

Posted by Uncle Yap on 26th October 2010

Uncle Yap.

What a lovely day this has been. Having bought a ticket to meet one of my favourite setters on my imminent visit to London, I got to blog another of his masterly concoctions. As if by timely design, he even sang my birthday song at the right time and place, 2 0 1 0.
Indeed, who could ask for more?

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Financial Times 13,526 / Loroso

Posted by Agentzero on 26th October 2010


Loroso, aka Anax, makes infrequent visits to the FT crossword page that are always welcome.  This was a terrific puzzle, with plenty of misdirection and clever wordplay, as well as a set of interconnected clues.  My favourite stand-alone clues are the hilarious 11 down and 21 down for its well-disguised definition. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 7496 by Glow-worm

Posted by nmsindy on 25th October 2010


Pleasing puzzle from Glow-worm, quite gentle Monday fare, solving time, 22 mins.

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Guardian 25,150 / Brendan

Posted by Eileen on 25th October 2010


I’m not sure whether the fact that we had a Brendan puzzle four weeks ago made me more or less surprised to see his appearance again on a Monday.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 428 – The Deer Hunter

Posted by beermagnet on 25th October 2010


Good work from Cyclops in this crossy. Some clues easy enough to cold solve to get going but funny, and a few tricky ones that fall after a few crossing letters. I nearly got mislead into writing in a wrong answer at 1 Across but just stopped myself in time.

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Independent on Sunday 1079 by Quixote – 17th October 2010

Posted by Handel on 24th October 2010


We had all but three of these in place within 15 minutes, but didn’t manage to fill the grid until a day later because of three slightly tricky clues. 17ac has a very clear definition, but the cryptic still eludes us, and the word just didn’t occur to us at the time. 22ac was an unfamiliar word to us, and we didn’t see it from –a-t-r. Finally, 18dn was difficult as it’s a word that wasn’t familiar, and the ordering of the words, though perfectly grammatical, is unusual and consequently much harder to parse. Explanation of 17ac very welcome!

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AZED No. 2,003 Plain

Posted by The Trafites on 24th October 2010

The Trafites.

Nick:  Fairly easy AZED this week – albeit with the usual Scottish words nobody has heard of :)

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