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Guardian Genius No. 88 / Pasquale

Posted by Gaufrid on November 1st, 2010


Apologies for the late appearance of a post for this puzzle. The scheduled blogger forgot that it was her turn and did not solve it so I am standing in at the last moment. Since I cannot remember what I did whilst solving the puzzle a month ago this will just be an analysis of the clues.

Writing up the following parsing did remind me that I found this puzzle enjoyable, if rather easy for a Genius. Solving was greatly helped by the omitted letters being consecutive though I am sure that this must have made setting the grid more tricky.

The letters to be omitted from the grid entries are shown in lower case.

7 OCTaGON  OCT (month) GON[e] (almost over)
8 bROUHAHAS  HAHA (laugh) in *(SOUR)
9 STAUNcHES  UN (internationalists) in A H (a hospital) in SETS reversed (revolutionary groups)
11 SONDeLI  *(IS ON L[an]D) – the Indian musk shrew
12 NOSE fLUTE  NOS (numbers) ELUTE (wash)
17 SEALYhAMS  SEA (coastal water) LYAMS (hounds)
20 MiRACLE  RC (Roman Catholic) in MALE (man)
22 jACK TAR  KT (man on board {chess}) in A CAR (a vehicle)
24 AlEHOUSES  USE (employ) in *(A HOSE)
25 mINNIES  I (one) in INNES (crime writer)

1 ACAnTHOUS  CAT (pet) in A HOUS[e] (a home less than adequate)
2 AGRoUND  G[arden] RUN (enclosure) in AD (notice)
3 pANTHEIST  ANT (worker) HEIST (robbing)
4 SqUEERS  U (university) in SEERS (wise men) – Wackford Squeers, the cruel schoolmaster in Nicholas Nickleby
5 PATrOLLED  PA (old man) TOLLED (sounded)
6 sHARIAT  ARIA (song) in [t]H[a]T
14 ADuLATION  LATI[n] (language that’s dead almost) in ADO (fuss) N (new)
15 ADMISSIvE  A D (a daughter) MISS (young girl) IE (that is)
18 ExACTER  C[hef] in EATER (diner)
19 ‘ARRyISH  A RR (a bishop) I SH (shut up)
21 AzURINE  A URINE (wee)

4 Responses to “Guardian Genius No. 88 / Pasquale”

  1. Jan says:

    Thank you for the blog, Gaufrid. I actually made a few notes when I had completed this one. A month is a long time to remember ones thoughts.

    I am full of admiration for the ingenuity displayed by the setters of the Genius crosswords and enjoy them, but I was disappointed with this one. Knowing which letter was missing from the full solution made the puzzle much easier than many weekday offerings.

    I was only challenged by a few words and definitions which needed to be confirmed by Chambers: sondeli, arryish, … all of which were easily solvable from the subsidiary parts of the clue plus the missing letter.

    25 was the only one which taxed me. I had not heard of Michael Innes and really didn’t think that minnies could be Scottish mothers. Thank you, Google and Chambers.

    I did enjoy the mental picture of someone playing the NOSE LUTE and wondered if the ROUHAHAS disturbed the Australian bush. :-)

  2. jetdoc says:

    Apologies to all for my failure to check the rota, and hence to give this one a miss. Many thanks to Gaufrid for standing in at very short notice.

  3. jetdoc says:

    … sorry — the first sentence doesn’t quite make sense, but I’m sure you get my meaning.

  4. Paul B says:

    I thought it was one of hubby’s clues.

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