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Independent – 7503 by Morph

Posted by flashling on November 2nd, 2010


Well it is November and been stormy recently, but with Morph here it’s positively raining Cats and Dogs.

Cats appear on the left hand side of the grid and dogs on the right. If I’ve missed any please feel free to tell me.

1 (C) Tomcat – Queen = femail cat. TACT rev about O + M(onsieur)
5 Nosebag – Spoonerism of bows nag
10 Hunting – TIN in HUNG(ary)
11 (D) Pompeii – (EMI (h)IP (h)OP)* Pompeii has statues and murals of dogs (and cats too)
12 (C) Cheshire – CHE’S + HIRE
13 (D) Pye dog – Feral dog of India (EG DOPY)*
15 Test Drove –  Model T + EST(ate) + DOVE about R. Dove being American for Dived
17 (D) Dingo – DOING with the O at the end
18 Plant – Plan B is the fallback strategy, T is the 20th letter of the alphabet so this is PLAN T
20 Dishcloth – (Hot child’s)*
22 (C) Jaguar – J(ack) + A GUAR(d)
23 Strutted – Double Def
26 Moisten – MOI + ST + E(nrolled) N(urse)
27 Ensuing – GUINNES(s)* (Following Dogging??)
28(C) Siamese – (Seems I(ndecently) A(rousing))*
29 (D) Sirian – Of Sirius the Dog star and Sir Ian (McKellen) (Thanks Stella)

2 (C) Ounce – (b)OUNCE(r)
3 Cliched – C(ounter) + L + 1 + CHED(dar)
4 (C) Tiger Woods – (Writes good)*
5 Nope – Open with last letter first

6 (D) Samoyed – (May does)*
7 Blend Into – LENDIN(g) in BT + O(verseas)
8 (D) Going to the dogs – Going to dog races – decline
9 (C) The Cat’s Pyjamas – (James Cath Patsy)*
14 (D) Red Setters – Communist paper Morning Star
16 Shangri-La – Hang (about) in S, R.I. and LA
19 Toastie  – (Is to eat)* and &lit
21 (D) Courser – Scourer with initial S moved
24 (C) Taiga – Northern forests. Hom of Tiger but on the Dog’s side of the grid
25 Knee – K + NEE (born)

19 Responses to “Independent – 7503 by Morph”

  1. scchua says:

    Thanks flashling, and Morph for an enjoyable puzzle.

    Some nice clueing with favourites 22A JAGUAR, 28A SIAMESE and 2D OUNCE.

    I’m just wondering whether 25D is clued topsy-turvy, giving NEEK as it is.

  2. walruss says:

    Likewise Flashling. Fave one TOASTIE, in another nice themed offering from the Indy.

  3. Eileen says:

    Thanks, flashling and Morph, for a great blog and a highly entertaining puzzle.

    There are some super clues here [I had 12 ticks!] with very witty surfaces [I loved 28ac and 2dn ] and a number of seemingly effortless anagrams: TIGER WOODS is excellent and I liked POMPEII and THE CAT’S PYJAMAS very much, too.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Yes, this was a cracking puzzle, thanks, Morph, and, flashling for the blog. Favourites, POMPEII, CHESHIRE, SIAMESE, CLICHED, GONE TO THE DOGS, COURSER. I found the dogs side easier than the cats side.

  5. jetdoc says:

    Ace puzzle, Morph, with some lovely clues. Several of my favourites have been mentioned above, so I’ll just say that 1a, TOMCAT, made me smile (for you non-Brits, our own queen’s consort is notoriously lacking in tact about people of other nationalities or ethnic origins).

  6. NealH says:

    I think the under is probably part of the definition for 25 down. Nee = formerly known as = under previous name.

    I got through this fairly quickly, but thought plant had something to do with 19 down, so didn’t follow it. I’m not sure about the pronunciation in 5 across – I wouldn’t pronounce the bend meaning of bows as bose. I’d only pronounce the bows and arrows version that way, but maybe other people speak differently. But a nice puzzle overall – I liked the Sir Ian clue a lot.

  7. PeterO says:

    Scchua – I imagine that the justification for 25D is that ‘under previous (female) name’ defines NEE.

  8. PeterO says:


  9. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Very good puzzle – I’ve nothing much to add, since the favourites of other contributors are pretty much the same as mine.

    Thanks for blogging, flashling (the grief is slowly fading, thanks for asking).

  10. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks for the blog, flashling, and to Morph for a great puzzle.

    For once I noticed the theme, but not till the end. It surprises me no-one has mentioned that Sirius is the Dog Star, though perhaps it goes without saying :).

  11. flashling says:

    Ah I knew I’d miss at least one, thanks Stella, I’ll update for that.

    K’s D I did look for black among the cats but no such luck to console you.

  12. Colin Blackburn says:

    I’d’ve had HUNTING down as related to (a type of) dog but it’s on the wrong side of the grid.

    Nice puzzle. Lots of good clues A lot of overlap in favourites with everyone else..

  13. scchua says:

    Thanks PeterO#7 and NealH@6. Yes, it did trip me up.

  14. Morph says:

    Thanks for the blog, Flashling, and all the comments. I didn’t really think of Pompeii or hunting as thematic – though as has been pointed out, both have feline/canine links.
    A couple of people have observed separately that there is a more direct canine phrase that corresponds to 9dn. I resisted that temptation.

  15. flashling says:

    The Mutt’s Nuts then Morph? did think initially of the cat’s whiskers as well.

  16. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Locks bolted? Gosh! Add an anagrind of choice and away you go. Good option to resist that temptation, though, Morph. We Indy solvers are of a delicate disposition.

  17. Simon Harris says:

    It’s a good job I wasn’t blogging today: I’d look a right plonker, as I completely missed the theme (which only spoilt things in that it made 24d unfathomable). Looking at the grid now, it’s deeply impressive how many references are in there, and how much of a dunce I must be not to have spotted it. So bravo Morph, and thanks to flashling for the blog.

  18. Jake says:

    Great stuff Morph.

    Just what I needed to wake my brain this morning. Favourite clue has to be 11ac I think. Brilliant!

  19. flashling says:

    Simon, must admit I miss themes regularly and latin phrases (thanks Phi) throw me completely. Still thanks Morph, that was fun, just glad (ala 24d) early on that I saw what was going on. Nice to see that themed Tuesday continues even with Virgilius’s departure. Not that we wouldn’t like to see him back. No ninas for a while…

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