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Guardian 25,158 – Brummie

Posted by manehi on 3rd November 2010


Enjoyable puzzle today with nothing too difficult and a cute mini-theme.

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Financial Times 13,533 / Io

Posted by Gaufrid on 3rd November 2010


Unfortunately we don’t see Io all that often in the FT (his last appearance was just over three months ago) but his puzzles are invariably a pleasure to solve and this was no exception. I have occasionally been flummoxed by clues written by his alter egos but, until today, not by Io.

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Inquisitor 1149: Last Laugh by Kea

Posted by Hihoba on 3rd November 2010


I found this pretty tricky and it took several hours over three days to complete. Some interesting words, two of which (ZARI and NIKAB) are only in the latest version of Chambers.  Google helped somewhat, but they caused me grief. I may have to invest in a new dictionary!

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Independent 7504/Dac

Posted by John on 3rd November 2010


As usual a beautifully elegant construction from Dac. All the clues lead to their solutions with crystalline ease, and they can nearly all be explained in simple logical ways without resort to references, and with so far as I can see hardly anything that is at all controversial. Read the rest of this entry »

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