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Financial Times 13,534 / Flimsy

Posted by smiffy on November 4th, 2010


Not a desperately tricky puzzle on the whole, but an enjoyable romp.  I ground to a complete standstill on my final grid entry (27A), but finally had a flash of inspiration just when I thought that a towel-throwing moment was imminent.

1 ANTIFREEZE – the rarely spotted (or should that be striped?) ten-letter hidden.
7 EARL – {p}earl.
9 PUMA – m[ale] in (up< + a[dult]).
10 STROPPIEST – (stop priest)*.  A wafer thin anagram – probably more a case of ‘tipsy’ rather than ‘drunk’.
11 HI-TECH – {hous}e in hitch.
12 HANDMADE – hand + made.  I thought that this might be ‘declared’ = made in the sense of the game of bridge.  Put I’m a non-player, so I may be incorrect.
13 THOROUGH – o{ne’s} in through.
15 TEEM – (me + {coffe}e + t[ense])<.
17 SMUG – s + mug.
19 TURNCOAT – turn + coat.  This one felt very Rufus-like; simple answer, simple structure/wordplay, but still some lateral thinking required.
22 RAG TRADE – cryptic def’n.
23 LEAPED – (P[ower] + E[nergy]) in lead.
25 EULOGISING – EU + L + (is going)*.
26 OMIT – mi in OT.  If you haven’t encountered this one before, then Mystic Smiffy foretells that you will do again some time in your solving future.
27 BETS – {a}bets.  The ultimate “my jigsaw puzzle’s missing a piece” moment for me.  Took me almost as long as the rest of the clues together to deduce this one.  Not helped by the promiscuous checking letters of _E-S, I tried justifying GEES (as in “gee up”) and PEPS for quite some time.
28 RIGHT-OF-WAY – (why I got far)*.  The use of ‘rambling’ as the anagrind pulls this clue together beautifully.

2 NOURISH – (hours in)*.
3 IRATE – I (electrical ‘current’) + rate.
4 RUSH HOURRush is a band that’s far better known (and had more chart success) in the US than the UK.  They tend to feature prominently on the classic rock  radio stations Stateside, hosted by mid-western versions of   “Smashy and Nicey” and interspersed with “A Bachmann, a Turner, and an Overdrive”.
5 EARTH-SHATTERING – (heart)* + breaking.  Heart breaking and earth-shattering are also cryptic siblings for the likes of hater.
6 EXPAND – x in EP + and.
7 ENIGMATIC – (A nice G,T + I’m)*.
8 RESIDUE – {f[ollowing],a[dvanced}res + I + due.
14 RIGHTEOUS – (hit grouse)*.
16 ARC-LIGHT – (c + RA)< + light.
18 MEASURE – me + a sure.
20 AMERICA – a + M + Erica.
21 CAHIER – (I in he) in car.  Never knew that this was an English word, but instantly recollectable from elementary French lessons as a nine-year-old.  I’ve often wondered why learning the French for classroom equipment would prove valuable in later life; now I know why.
24 ALOOF – loo in (a + F).

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,534 / Flimsy”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi smiffy
    I didn’t get further than GEES for 27ac which of course didn’t fit the wordplay so I left the entry blank and awaited your erudite blog.

    12ac is a homophone (declared) of handmaid (servant), a variant of handmaiden.

  2. bamberger says:

    I would have solved this completely unaided if I’d been able to get 27a and 21d.
    I would never have got 21d and of course 27a has already been mentioned.

  3. Gnomethang says:

    I spent ages on 21d staring at the correct wordplay until I remembered the French for workbook.
    27a defeated me and I don’t much care for the definition.
    15a was my favourite.
    Thanks to all concerned and Flimsy .

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