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Azed 2,005

Posted by petebiddlecombe on November 7th, 2010


Azed 2005 – Plain

This was a pretty straightforward puzzle, done in 40 minutes, with Chambers only used for the last two answers – 26, which I should have got on my own, and 32 – but with one mistake – an -I ending for 11A. Mystery wordplay for you to help with at 17 and 19

1 BUCKLE-BEGGAR – a Scottish performer of unlicensed marriages, such as the famous blacksmith at Gretna Green. (C=college, Keble*) in BUG = obsession, GAR2 = cause (Scots again)
9 LARI = 100 tetri in Georgia – hidden word
10 SAOUARI (a tree – a barred grid/Scrabble favourite) – U in (Asia or)*
11 OPUSCULA = minor works – sup reversed in OCULA(r) – “eye” is a facetious meaning of “ocular” – I was hoping for oculis or similar
14 S(AGES)T. – a daily paper clue which should have got you started if you couldn’t get any of the previous ones
15 DUCKER – rucked = folded, with the R and D swapped
16 KE(L,T)Y – kelty = a very full glass, served as a punishment for not finishing the previous drink
17 ERSE = language or “minority language” – the rest of this clue is a mystery to me – any offers?
18 NEMBUTAL – BUT = except, in (men al(l))*
21 LIPSALVE, which may prevent chaps – pals* in live = charged with energy
24 NARE = an old word for a nostril, esp. a hawk’s nostril – (w)arne*
25 (pe)ACOCK
28 ATTICS = (it, cats)*
29 CUR(L)E,R – cure2 is an odd or queer person.
32 SANTOUR = an Eastern dulcimer – “san tour” is the hospital inspector’s task
33 AX(L)E
34 ORTHOPAEDIST = (I spared tooth)*
1 BLONDE-LACE = lace made from silk – BLONDEL = the troubador, ACE
2 C,R(o)U(n)D
3 KISHKES = “n (Jewish) beef or chicken intestine stuffed with onion, flour meal and fat; (esp in pl) the guts.” – hidden word
4 LYCAENA = butterfly genus – CAEN in lay*
5 BALSAM = resinous stuff – sambal = “curry accompaniment” with the halves swapped
6 GUNGE – UN = one, in rev. of egg = mine
7 GAVE,L – gavel3 is a historical rent or tribute
8 ARI = air*, STARCHY = formal
10 SUCRE – (Ecuadorians – Aida no)* (in Ecuador, sucre is a monetary unit – in Bolivia, it’s the capital city)
12 STYLE = pen, SHEET = these* – a “style sheet” was the forerunner of a Word template back in about Word 5 for MS-DOS, if memory serves. Or for a more modern version, the “CSS” used on many websites, possibly including this one, is “Cascading Style Sheets”
13 AURIC = curia*, U, LAR = house-god
19 BETITLE = dub – I don’t understand the rest of this one
22 LARRUP = wallop – Ar. in rev. of purl
23 VAPOR = swagger (vb.) – hidden word
26 ORANT = worshipper – “ora pro nobis” = “pray for us” in the Hail Mary – move the T in “toran”, which is a floral garland
27 CLOTH – two definitions
30 MAXI(m) – a maxi is a large racing yacht

2 Responses to “Azed 2,005”

  1. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the blog, Pete.

    17ac is A(camedican) removed from ERASE=destroy

    19dn is TIT=person scornfully, L(ambert) inside BEE=gathering

  2. petebiddlecombe says:

    And thanks for finishing it!

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