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Everyman 3,344

Posted by PeterO on November 7th, 2010


Mostly straightforward; a couple of plant names which are reasonably common, but which might give trouble to those who are non compost mentis (apologies all round). Notably smooth surfaces.


1 STRIFE Charade of ST (‘street’) + RIFE (‘teeming’). The ‘in’ just muddies the water.
4 STUPOR Anagram (‘bombed’) of  ‘US port’.
8 AUBERGE Envelope (‘about’) of BE (‘extremely BizarrE’) in AURGE, anagram (‘voilently’) of ‘argue’. A word borrowed from the French.
10 FORCEPS Envelope of P (‘Panic, initially’) in FORCES (‘the services’).
11 DALLY Charade of D (‘daughter’) + ALLY (‘partner’). Simple but effective.
12 GOLDENROD Charade of envelope (‘about’) of OLD (‘mature’) in GEN (‘info’) + ROD (‘staff’). This wild or garden plant .
13 FEATHERWEIGHT Charade of envelope (‘about’) of THE (‘the’) in FEAR (‘anxiety’) + W (‘Welsh’) + EIGHT (‘crew’). The definition is ‘nobody’, in the sense of someone of little significance. Surprisingly convoluted for such a compact clue.
16 TRAVELLER’S JOY Charade of TRAVELLERS (‘gypsies’) + JOY (‘pleasure’). The clematis, also known as Old Man’s Beard.
19 HANDS OVER Envelope (‘inside’) of ‘DS’ in HANOVER (‘royal house’).
21 GI JOE Charade of G (‘good’) + I (‘one’) + JOE (‘ordinary bloke’).
22 OCTOBER Charade of O (’round’) + CT (‘Connecticut’) + OBER (sober, ‘temperate’ without s, ‘sun’).
23 SNIFTER Double (one-and-a-half?) definition: the glass and its contents.
24 EMPIRE UMPIRE (‘judge’) given a new heading.
25 REFUSE Double definition, ‘pass up’ and ‘rubbish’.


1 STAND-OFF Charade of STAND (‘put up with’) + OFF (‘bad’). A Rugby position.
2 RUBELLA Charade of RUB (‘polish'; the capital at the start of the sentence is a simple piece of misdirection) + ELLA (‘girl’).  Also known as German Measles.
3 FORSYTHIA Envelope (‘about’) of ORSYTHI, an anagram (‘changing’) of ‘history’, in FA (‘note’, from the tonic sol-fa). This shrub.
5 TERSE Hidden answer (‘somewhat’) in ‘quartermasTER- SErgeant’).
6 PIERROT Envelope (‘breaks’) of ERRO (error without the last letter, ‘mistake almost’) in PIT (‘mine’). The character from pantomime and Commedia dell’Arte.
7 RESIDE Charade of R (‘one end of PoplaR’, the  back end as it happens) + E (‘east’) + SIDE (‘end’?).
9 EAGER BEAVER Anagram (‘brewed’) of ‘average beer’.
10 FALSE ALARMS Charade of FALSEALARM, an anagram (‘awkwardly’) of ‘as a ram fell’ + S (‘top of Sinai’).
14 GIRL GUIDE Anagram (‘construction’) of ‘guile grid’.
15 BY GEORGE B(o)Y GEORGE (‘pop star’) dropping O (’round’).
16 TANK TOP Charade of TANK (‘basin’) + TOP (‘cap’). A slight transatlantic difference: in the US a tank top is what is known in England as a vest (although it may be worn as a summer outer garment if gussied up and given a designer label); in England it is a sleeveless pullover. Either way, ‘sleeveless garment’ is a fair definition.
17 JUJITSU Envelope (‘featured in’) of ‘its’ in JU-JU (‘fetish’). The answer is commonly hyphenated.
18 CHOOSE Charade of CH (‘church’) + OOSE, homonym (‘reportedly’) of Ouse (‘river’).
20 SOBER Anagram (‘flowing’) of ‘robes’. It is perhaps unfortunate that the same word is referenced in the intersecting 22A.

2 Responses to “Everyman 3,344”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, Peter.

    Enjoyable work out as always from Everyman. Plants are definitely not my strong suit, and I’d certainly never heard of TRAVELLERS JOY or GOLDENROD, but the clueing was generous and I got them as my last two.

    My new word learnt this week was ju-ju.

  2. Kevin O'C says:

    Thanks Peter.

    I’m quite new to cryptic crosswords, and really appreciate this website for helping me understand the reasons behind the answers.

    Thanks to everyone involved.

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