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Independent 7508 by Tees

Posted by nmsindy on 8th November 2010


Quite a tough puzzle which I enjoyed.    Made fairly quick progress at the start but then it got much harder esp in the lower half of the grid.    Solving time, 44 mins.

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Guardian 25,162 / Rufus

Posted by duncanshiell on 8th November 2010


From today, there is a slight change to the Guardian blogger team, with a three week cycle for most bloggers, except Uncle Yap who continues as a Tuesday regular.

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Guardian Quiptic no. 573 by Nutmeg

Posted by PeterO on 8th November 2010


I found this one more difficult than many a Guardian Cryptic. Several of the entries seemed at first to have far too much clue for the answer, which is generally a sign that careful parsing is necessary. My favourite was 14/15, with its very unobvious anagram and misleading surface.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 429 – Gothic Crackpot

Posted by beermagnet on 8th November 2010


Lovely stuff as usual. Nothing too tricky or unexplained this time.  Pleasant solve over a couple of pints.  I noted I had 9 unsolved when starting pint number two. Read the rest of this entry »

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