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Private Eye/Cyclops 429 – Gothic Crackpot

Posted by beermagnet on November 8th, 2010


Lovely stuff as usual. Nothing too tricky or unexplained this time.  Pleasant solve over a couple of pints.  I noted I had 9 unsolved when starting pint number two.

8/16 ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (CURRENCY I DON’T FEEL IT’S – R[ight])* AInd: to go out. Def: Being unable to get hard. I spotted the wordplay but failed to get something out of the anagram fodder. Later saw the answer from the def after getting a few crossing letters.
9 RHUMBA R[ight] HUM (stink) B[ritish] A[merican]
10 THEBES THE (article) BSE* AInd: fiasco. First answer entered.
11 LARGESSE (ARSE LEGS)* AInd: flabby. Def: Charity. Who else would spot that anagram
12 SLIPKNOT PILS< (Drink knocked back) K[ennedy] NOT (No way!)
15 EFFIGY CD Appropriate with bonfire night nearby:
The sort of guy extremists inflame? (6)
20 GOTHIC GOT (secured) HIC (Drunk’s outburst)
21 CRACKPOT CRACK (expert) POT (cannabis)
23 FLIP-FLOP F[emale] LIP (brink) F[emale] LOP (hack)
25 CO-HOST H[orlicks] O[xygen] inside COST (fee). What? Is Bruce Forsyth considered co-host to Tess Daly on Strictly? Ah. They are both described as co-hosts now.
I like the way the definition could be taken as “Oxygen for Brucie?” rather than just “Brucie?”, especially with the question mark.
27 SORT OF O (sod all) inside FROST* AInd: rambles
28 SPOON-FED SPOON (make love quaintly) F (loudly) ED (Balls – Shadow Sec. State for Ed.)
1 ARMHOLE H[ard] inside MORALE* AInd: poor. The bowlderised half of what certain people can’t tell the difference between, and an elbow
2 SCAB Hidden in CameronS CABinet
3 WILSON String letters Inept Labour’s Slide inside NOW* AInd: perplexed. Ex-PM that was Alf GArnett’s bête noire
4/26 WELL HUNG WELL (I say!) HUN (Barbarian) G[ood]
5 PRURIENT PR (Small pair) URINE* AInd: preparation, T[ime]
6 DUKE OF YORK DD A pub and Andrew Windsor. Ref: This year’s story about Sarah Ferguson asking for a cool half-mill for an introduction to her ex-hubby Prince Andrew. Turned out who was asking was the fake sheik.
7 ABUSAGE USA G[rand] inside ABE (ex-president). Def: mispractice. Last in – not because the clue was tricky but it is an odd word. I suppose the -age suffix can be successfully stuck on many nouns
13 PSYCHOPATH (CHAPPY HOTS)* AInd: tormented. Def: sex maniac? I think the “?” is necessary here as not all psychopaths are sex maniacs (discuss)
14 TUNIC TU (you as an intimate Sarkozy would say) NIC[k]
17 FACELIFT FACE (mug) LIFT (up) I was fooled into trying to think of a south coast town that fitted the letters:
Mug up the wrinkly’s resort? (8)
18 TOOLBOX TOOL (Cock) BOX (fight)
19 DOSSIER I (one) inside DOSSER (tramp)
22 ANCHOR (CAMERON + H[ague] – ME)* AInd: hopeless
24 PISS [peni]S inside SIP<

Final Joke: I’ve heard that if you play a John Cage record backwards it contains a secret
message from Harpo Marx.

2 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 429 – Gothic Crackpot”

  1. simatrod says:

    you say simple, I say AARRGHH!
    It took me the best part of 2 weeks and I still had 7 clues to get.
    And of course, when they’re explained, they’re bleedin’ obvious!

  2. Mr Beaver says:

    Well, I don’t say simple, but we managed it (apart from 18d) over a couple of days.
    Though looking more carefully, I see I put CLARKSON in for 21a. Not sure why, except that it obviously matches the definition – ‘dope’.

    I don’t usually do Cyclops, despite subscribing to the Eye, but was surprised to find it relatively tractable – easier than his cleaner-cut persona in the Grauniad.
    The fnarr-fnarr aspect is a bit wearing, but I did like 8/16.

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