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Financial Times 13,538 / Armonie

Posted by Agentzero on November 9th, 2010


An enjoyable, not too difficult puzzle today.  There seems to be a word missing in 22 across.  Laughed at 23 down, which is risque to American ears, at least.  My favorite clue of the day is probably 28 across.

10 PIERCES R[uns] in PIECES (articles) an &lit. clue, and a nice one.
11 TORNADO TORN (rent) A DO (fleece, as a verb).
12 LIT UP PUT (suggest) IL (“the,” Italian), all reversed.
13 WRETCHED W[ife] RETCHED (was sick)
15 PERIPHERAL PERI (fairy) + HERA (goddess) in PL[ace]
16 IRIS dd
18 EASE LEASE (rental) minus the initial letter
20 STRIPTEASE STRIP (band) TEAS (drinks) E[cstasy]
22 RAINCOAT A (unaccounted for in the clue) IN (popular) CO (firm) in RAT (scoundrel).  Surely the clue was meant to read “Scoundrel acquires a popular firm making clothing.”
24 PILED P[ennies] I LED (spent).  Led = spent as in the phrase “how I led my life…”
26 ENDOWED END (objective) OWED (unsettled)
27 UNCLEAN UNCLE (relative) AN (article)
28 DISCONSOLATE DISC (record) ON SO LATE (playing well into the night).  A clever pun!
2 ERECTOR E[nglish] RECTOR (clergyman)
3 ALCOPOPS A L (trainee) COP (policeman) OPS (operations)
4 HOSE S[eedlings] in HOE (weed, as a verb)
6 COROT CO (firm) ROT (bunk)
7 LEATHER THE (article) in LEAR (king)
9 CONDESCENDING CON (prisoner) DESCENDING (going down)
19 SKIDDED S[on] + KIDDED (joked)
21 AILMENT *(LIME) in ANT (worker)
23 COWLS C[ollege] OWLS (hooters)  Interesting surface reading!
25 NUTS dd

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,538 / Armonie”

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks Agentzero. This was only a little harder than the puzzle by Armonie’s alter ego Chifonie in the Guardian today. I agree about the missing A in 22ac – I originally thought it must be the incorrectly-spelt RAINMENT (for RAIMENT), with firm = MEN.

  2. Tony Welsh says:

    10a was the last one I got. It was just about the only word which would fit, but it still took me a while to understand the clue. Unusual for words in the clue to do double duty like that.

  3. smiffy says:

    Yes, a good, cohesive puzzle with a consistent ‘feel’ (it seems that Armonie tries, in the spirit of economy, to work with a self-imposed limit of eight words per clue max; and a much lower overall average).

    I don’t recall encountering the anagram at 5D before, which raised a smile. And I assume that 23D is an intentional innuendo, rather than “lost in translation” (I can’t really figure a viable alternative for the surface). Have to concur with your pick of the bunch being 28A.

    Thanks Agentzero.

  4. bamberger says:

    After some early progress, had to use an anagram solver to get 1a & 5d which got me going.
    Would never have got 6d -why does crosswordland always have obscure poets and painters rather than scientists and mathematicians?
    8d couldn’t get order.
    19d decided slipped was the answer as I without conviction decided joked =being lippy
    Failed also on 14d & 26a
    As seasoned Eye solver I got and enjoyed 20a.

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