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Independent 7511 by Eimi.

Posted by flashling on November 11th, 2010


Eimi takes the stage today, and some suspicious minds might look at the date and think Armistice  Day. They’d be wrong as this appears to be a vanilla crossword, even if bits do seem a little OLD :-)

9 Dungannon – DUNG + ANON around (garde)N
10 Eprom – Computer memory rarely seen these days. E-PROM(enade) & Cryptic Def
11 Impresa – An ancient heraldic device, IMPRESA(rio (ferdinand))
12 Refiner – RE (on) + FINE (well) + R(egulator). Possibly getting on…
13 Ancestor Worship – (TH(e) WAR PROCESSION)* with a nod to Armistice Day in the surface.
16 B-Movies – MOB* + VIES
17 Succour –  SOUR about U(niversity) C(ollege) C(lubs)
18 Megagametophyte – OK I’ll admit I did have to look this up, it’s part of a flower and MEGA + GAME + TOP + THEY*
21 Luddism – Cryptic Def unless anyone can see more in this. Against new things – is there a theme here?
23 Flare Up – FL(orida) ARE UP – or as Scchua suggests RuEfUl in FLAP – I think the latter now it’s been pointed out.

25 Freak – FEAR* + K (constant)
26 New Mexico – (Once we mix)*

1 Edwina – WIN in E(uropean) D(efence) A(gency)
2 Inspector Gadget – (Protecting Degas)*
3 Mare – j M bArRiE (alt letters)
4 Infamous – (FAN I SUMO)*
5 In A Row – DD
6 Serf – Hidden in uSER Friendly
7 French Polynesia – (Francophile’s Yen)*
8 Improper – IMP ROPER – one who catches IMPs
14 Sting – the STIG around (clarkso)N
15 Recap – PACER reversed
16 Bumfluff – FLU in BUMF + F(email)
17 Set of Two – SE + TOFT (Ancient site of a dwelling) + WO(e) – there’s that old thing again
19 Moment – OMEN in MonTana
20 Employ – (th)EM + PLOY
22 Icky – (v)ICKY (pollard). yeah but no… etc
24 Aged – hidden in (saus)AGE D(ogs) – Old again, think Eimi is trying to tell us something?

Indeed he is, there would appear to be a NINA – EIMI IS FIFTY TODAY in the top and bottom rows.

Happy Birthday Mike, and good luck to Simon H. who is off on a job interview today.

22 Responses to “Independent 7511 by Eimi.”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi flashling
    23ac cannot be the anagram you indicate as there are too many Us and no P. I read this as FL (state) ARE UP (rueful on the contrary) but I could be wrong.

    16dn is FLU (illness) F (female) in BUMF (documents).

    Many happy returns Eimi.

  2. scchua says:

    Thanks flashling, and a happy birthday and thank you to Eimi for an enjoyable celebratory puzzle.

    Re 23A FLARE-UP I have an alternate parsing: “oddly rueful” = R(u)E(f)U(l) in FLAP (as in a flap/state)

    I found the the SW corner challenging, with 21A LUDDISM and 16D BUMFLUFF the last ones to go in.

    Favourites were 11A IMPRESA, not typically do I manage to get one with a footballing reference, and 18A MEGAGAMETOPHYTE, had a sense of satisfaction after finally synthesising the word (gamete of course being a word one quite commonly encounters).

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi scchua
    A much better, and obviously correct, parsing for 23ac. When solving I looked at RUE but failed to see the FLAP and then went down a totally false route (though it makes sense in a way but doesn’t account for the ‘oddly’).

  4. anax says:


    This was a slightly strange solve for me, with only two answers falling from the acrosses – so I thought I was in for a monster. But the first eight downs jumped into place immediately, as did the opening of the Nina, from which the second half was obvious (although he doesn’t look a day over 30, I can tell you).

    As expected, lots of sound, entertaining clueing from Eimi, from which it’s hard to pick a favourite. As a self-confessed petrol head 14d raised quite a smile (O/T – anyone seen Mr Collins on the new series of Fifth Gear? Sorry to say, he was far better as the silent Stig).

    As for 21a it looks like ‘break-in’ is making a reference to the fact that Ned Ludd and his followers broke into factories and destroyed their machinery. It’s not a particularly strong CD but in fairness LUDDISM doesn’t throw up much by way of wordplay opportunities.

  5. walruss says:

    I agree, Anax. A very happy birthday to the Indy guru, who puts together a great puzzle today, and presumably has a hand in making the other Indy puzzles so good. Well done!!

  6. eimi says:

    You’re too kind, Anax. I’ll settle for 40 :-)

    You’re right about Luddism not being a particularly friendly word. The idea I was trying to go for was that certain forms of demonstration have the ‘in’ suffix (sit-in, love-in, etc.) so why shouldn’t Luddites have a break-in? It worked in my head, anyway.

    Thanks to Phil for the blog and others for their felicitations.

  7. NealH says:

    I did think this was going to be Armistice Day themed when I saw 13 across, but it turned out to be just fodder there. I noticed the NINA about half-way through and it certainly helped a lot with bumfluff, which is the sort of unusual word I normally struggle with. I quite liked 8 down just for the image.

    Best wishes to Eimi and thanks for today’s puzzle.

  8. nmsindy says:

    Having gone thro it and remembering the day well, not sure if it is one of those landmarks one likes reaching…

    I’d have to agree with Anax that I would have thought of a much lower number for sure. When I saw EIM in the top row, the possibility emerged and that helped solving quite a bit. Favourite clues, B-MOVIES, LUDDISM, IMPROPER, EMPLOY.

    Did you know, Eimi, that you got there just in time for Spurs’ first defeat in their double season, in their 17th League game, away to their closest rivals, Sheffield Wednesday, 1-2, on Sat 12 November 1960?

    Enjoy the day and many happy returns.

  9. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Lovely puzzle from the Independent top banana, which I enjoyed very much. It did shout NINA! and the ancientness theme was a help to complete. The long downs and acrosses were tricky, but I’m chuffed to say that I stuck with it for MEGAGAMETOPHYTE and managed it as my last clue. IMPROPER and STING were the ones I liked especially today.

    The only place I got really stuck was with 16dn, where once I’d confidently stuck in the hidden message, I couldn’t find an eight-letter word that started with B and finished with X. (Only joking, eimi, fifty is the new thirty, as we all know …)

    I’ll add my best wishes for the birthday boy, and if you’re celebrating tonight, enjoy but don’t over-exert yourself.

    Thanks for the blog, flashling.

  10. Lenny says:

    How did I get to be way past 50 without ever coming across Inspector Gadget or a word meaning the female gametophyte produced by the megaspore of a plant that produces both microspore and meagaspores? That made the SW where the two answers intersected quite difficult. I needed bumfluff before I could sort everything out satisfactorily.

    Also new to me was Toft meaning homestead and Impresa. Do crossword editors have rules as to whether or not to allow acronyms? I suppose when they become words such as nimby they are OK but I should have thought that EPROM is still spelled with capitals so not really allowable. Still, it is your birthday eimi and it was a very entertaining solve.

  11. anax says:

    Hi Lenny

    I don’t have a problem with acronyms, capitalised or not (you generally fill the grid with capital letters anyway) – and it was only last week we had a standard abbreviation (WPC) as a solution. For me the guideline is just a simple case of “Is it suffeciently well-known?”; for both WPC and EPROM… yes, most likely. There are of course other newspaper crossword series which don’t allow abbreviations, acronyms, living humans, trade names, interesting stuff, blah blah. I see the Indy as being at the forefront of creative and entertaining cryptics and that’s partly because Eimi is so open to his setters experimenting a bit.

    Long may that continue.

  12. Richard says:

    Well, Eimi, I’d guessed you were 40 from the pop music references in your General Knowledge crosswords. That rather held things up in the top RH corner for a while! Many congratulations, and long may you remain in charge and permit the freedom to which anax refers above and which is much appreciated by us solvers.

  13. Stella Heath says:

    Congratulations, eimi, and thanks for an entertaining puzzle

  14. Quixote says:

    Happy bithday to our captain from one of his senior pros!

  15. Paul B says:

    Yppah ynam Mike, as we say, on the occasion of your half-century. We youngish chaps, eh what?

    Belter of a puzzle too – splendid show.

  16. eimi says:

    Thanks to all for the kind comments, which have helped to make me feel not too old today. I’ll try not to over-exert myself tonight, K’s D, but I think a few glasses of wine may be in order. Cheers!

  17. flashling says:

    Not sure what happened in my head originally for 23 still, glad scchua and Gaufrid sorted me out, or quite how I got the right answer an hour or two before I did the write up and then messed up. I was due to do tomorrow, but I think I got a lucky break with this Eimi, I feared another thursday monster when I agreed to swap. Just hope Eimi doesn’t have too many wines…
    Simon you missed a treat.

  18. BertandJoyce says:

    We are a bit late in the day again – as usual. We always check 225 before we switch the light off but normally there is nothing to add as everyone has said it all. However, we’d like to wish Eimi a Happy Birthday and long may he continue to be the boss of such a great team of setters. Solving the Indie is our treat at the end of each day!!

    Thanks to flashling and the other bloggers.

  19. dram says:

    Congrates on your buirthday |Eimi and opn another fine puzzle. Enjoyed the nIna vrey much.

    Any Many thnanks Flashling for the blgo (thohgb I have not read it yet, shtill two clues to go. Allow extra time – I’m in the BA lopugne at JFK and rather worsh for the wear after a few beerss to see me on my way.)

    Thanks everyine inf fact, yourf sush a lovely bnunch, I loove you all. Oops they';re calling my flight…

  20. Allan_C says:

    Nothing to add – everyone’s said it all – except belated birthday greetings!

  21. Colin Blackburn says:

    As usual I’m a day late on commenting and so here a day late on wishing Eimi a belated many happy returns.

    An excellent puzzle with a few tough words. I thought this might be an Armistice Day theme especially as WARFARE was almost spelt out in the third row unches after the first few downs I had in. EIMI’s moniker meant the top row wasn’t that obvious at first. When I eventually twigged it was still ambiguous as to whether he was FORTY or FIFTY, I had though ruled out SIXTY! I tried to err on the younger side but nothing would work.

    I worked backwards on MEGAGAMETOPHYTE and was very pleased when it all fell into place.BUMFLUFF was excellent as was IMPRESA despite me thinking there were two esses in impresario.

  22. flashling says:

    Dram, marvellous comment! That’s great, hope you they let you on the flight!

    I was nearly not let on a flight as I’d had too many relaxants…

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