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Independent on Sunday 1082 by Quixote — 7 November 2010

Posted by jetdoc on November 14th, 2010


As far as I can remember, this is the first time I’ve tried an Independent on Sunday crossword, and I found it surprisingly easy for a prize puzzle.

*(••••) indicates an anagram

1 POLEMICS POLE = European; M[ale] IS; C = Conservative
5 IMPISH MP = politician; IS; I H = one hard
9 RESORTS RE = ‘er’ backwards; SORTS = types
10 SENT OUT One formula to construct ‘nest’ is to make an anagram of ‘sent’, and ‘out’ can be an anagram indicator.
11 CROATIA CIA = agents; ROT = rubbish; A
12 TEENAGE *(agent); E (drug) × 2
13 REDELIVERED 2 × RED; E = energy; LIVE = electrified
16 EXTEMPORISE EX = yesterday’s lover; TEMPO = time; RISE = improve
19 LANGUID LAN[d]; GUID = ‘good’ in Scotland
20 ERASURE ERA = time, SURE = confident
22 STAINER *(sit near). Sir John Stainer
23 IMPINGE IMP = troublemaker; IN = at home; GE = ‘e.g.’ (say) reversed
24 STEERS Double definition
25 SHOELACE An Oxford is a type of lace-up shoe.
1 PIRACY PACY = fast-moving; IR = Inland Revenue
2 LESSON A more skimpily dressed person will have less on.
3 MARAT A in MART. Jean-Paul Marat
4 CUSTARD POWDER *(Red product was)
6 MANOEUVRE MAN = chap; OEUVRE = body of work
7 IDOLATRY *(adroitly)
8 HOTHEADS *(Those had)
10 SATELLITE DISH *(Little shade is)
13 RUM RUNNER RUM = odd; RUNNER = idea that might be accepted
14 CELLISTS CELL = small group; *(sits)
15 STONE AGE STAGE = period; containing ONE
17 GUINEA Double definition
18 SERENE (*seen); RE = soldiers (Royal Engineers)
21 APPLE ALE = drink; PP = very quietly

5 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1082 by Quixote — 7 November 2010”

  1. Quixote says:

    I never attempt to be difficult with this puzzle — sorry. I have half an eye to Everyman and Telegraph solvers, with the occasional bit of spice. Prize 15 by 15s don’t have to be universally hard — and rarely are on Sundays, in fact. Q

  2. nmsindy says:

    That would tally with my experience as an Indy solver, Quixote’s IoS puzzles are easier than most of the daily ones.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, jetdoc. Strangely enough, this was the first Sunday Independent puzzle I’ve tried for years as well. I’m an Observer man, but picked up a copy of the Indy on a whim while I was doing the shopping.

    When I saw it was Quixote I was a bit daunted, because I often find his puzzles hard, but as you say, it was reasonably straightforward, and I enjoyed it. I liked LANGUID, LESSON and CUSTARD POWDER. SHOELACE was good too, except I always forget the Oxford = shoe connection.

    But as the man himself says, prize crosswords don’t have to be unfathomable. I’m sure there are plenty of entries every week for the Everyman, and that’s pretty accessible.

  4. jetdoc says:

    I quite agree that it’s perfectly valid to have a prize puzzle that’s on the easier side, especially if it encourages new solvers to participate and perhaps eventually to move on to greater challenges. I just hadn’t quite known what to expect with this one.

  5. Paul B says:

    Indeed. For His daily puzzles can be a little on the tricky side …

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