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Enigmatic Variations 940 – Accomplished Solvers by Kruger

Posted by Gaufrid on November 20th, 2010


I did not expect to be covering this puzzle and so I am writing this nearly two weeks after solving and my memory of the Sunday before last is now rather dim. I do remember that it was one of my quicker EV solves (<1 hour) because a lot of the misprints seemed quite obvious and I deduced what needed to be done to the non-misprint clues before the message formed by the correct letters was complete.

After partially completing the grid, my way into the ‘treatment’ was 1ac where it became clear that the non-misprint clues led to the surname of an author but the grid entry needed to be one of his/her ‘accomplished solvers’. This then helped with the other authors/detectives.

Confirmation of my deduction was provided by the message given by the corrected misprints REPLACE AUTHORS WITH THEIR FAMED TECS.

1 DALGLIESH / james (overcoat)  J (jack) AME (soul) S (special) – author P D James
7 COB  dd – ‘hoRse’
10 ORYX  OR (soldiers) Y (yen) X (vote) – ‘bEast in Africa’
11 APNOEA  O (oxygen) in *(AN APE) – ‘no gasPs given during this’
12 WINK  W (weak) IN K (Cambodia) – ‘a little sLeep’
14 PARER  homophone of ‘pair’ (two) [foy]ER – ‘he shAves’
15 SOLDIERS  I (iodine) in SOLDERS (alloys) – ‘for a Cause they work’
16 SON  SO (in due course) [garde]N – ‘young malE
18 GITANA  *(AT AGIN[g]) – ‘a woman who wAnders’
19 DOYEN  DOzEN (12) with middle letter changed – ‘most senior gUy in class’
20 LEVIES  hidden reversal in ‘ChineSE I’VE Loathed’ – ‘Taxes’
21 POIROT / christie (skilful manoeuvre on skis)  CHRIST (good grief) IE (that’s) – author Agatha Christie
22 ALLEY  A (answer) YELL (call) reversed – ‘walk where busHes may be found’
25 LEASOW  LEAS[t] (almost the minimum amount) O[f] W[ater] – ‘Edmund’s foOd’
27 ZED  Z[imbabwe] E[leven] D[eserted] – ‘metal baR
29 WYCLIFFE / burley (scatter bait over water)  *(LURE) in BY – author W J Burley
30 INORB  *(ROBIN) – ‘Set in ring’
31 STIR  T (time) in SIR (gentleman) – ‘to Wake’
32 GENTLY / hunter (watch)  HUN (German) TER (territory) – author Alan Hunter
33 PINK  dd – ‘small shIp’
34 LEE  dd – ‘shelTer’
35 STERNNESS  [ver]S[ify] TERN (bird) NESS (cape) – ‘it makes one Hard’

1 DOWSE  W (wife) in DOSE (medicine) – ‘put ouT
2 ARIOSO  [f]A[i]R [b]I[t] O[f] S[h]O[w] – ‘pleasing to Hear’
3 LYNLEY / george (guinea)  [h]E[n] in GORGE (crop of hawk) – author Elizabeth George
4 LATIAN  *([i]TALIAN) – ‘old arEa near Rome’
5 ENERGETICS  *(GREENS CITE) – ‘use of power by lIving creatures’
6 HEARTILY  HE R (rector) in *(LAITY) – ‘with strong coRe’
7 CARS  AR[e] in CS (Civil Service) – ‘Fords possibly’
8 ODEONS  DO (party) reversed EONS (ages) – ‘hAlls alive with the sound of music’
9 BARNABY / graham (mountain)  HAR[d] reversed in GAM (school) – author Caroline Graham
13 YELLOWYITE  YELL OW (cry in pain) IT in YE (you belatedly) – ‘sMall bird’
17 LEISURES  *(RULES I[d]E[a]S) – ‘no longer has time to sparE
19 DALZIEL / hill (fell)  [marc]H ILL (sick) – author Reginald Hill
21 PEENGE  ENG (English) in PEE (urinate) – ‘Scots whine as peevish kiD
22 ALLEYN / marsh (fens)  MARS (old iron) [brooc]H – author Ngaio Marsh
23 LEFTIE  *(FEEL IT) – ‘communisT
24 ELFINS  FIN ($5 bill) in ELS (golfer) – ‘weE people’
26 BERKS  dd – ‘County’
28 DOGE  DOG (spurious) E (European) – ‘one Sitting in court in Genoa’

One Response to “Enigmatic Variations 940 – Accomplished Solvers by Kruger”

  1. mc_rapper67 says:

    Gaufrid – nice work in blogging this at short notice, and long memory, by the sound of it! I found it a pleasant and diverting solve – not strenuous, as you say, but a nice construction, and I learned a couple of fictional detectives I hadn’t read/heard of before.

    Interesting coincidence(?) that Kruger provided that week’s Inquisitor in the Indy as well, if I remember rightly – and Nutmeg is the setter of EV and Inquisitor this week – or is there a deliberate pattern emerging here?…

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