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Everyman 3346

Posted by Stella on November 21st, 2010


I enjoyed this, a fairly typical Everyman, despite initial technical difficulties, which I find have now been ironed out


1. Long for high praise

Aspire                     *PRAISE, + &lit?

4. In state, vicious hook having caught the Parisienne mother

Oklahoma             *HOOK round LA (‘the’ in French)

+ MA

9. Is to go ashore in Tasmania, perhaps

Island IS + LAND (=’go ashore’)

10. Hit man when given cheek at home

Assassin                AS (=’when’) =SASS (=’cheek’ )

+ IN (=’home’)

11. First to test new footwear in musical

Tea for two           T(est) + *FOOTWEAR

13. Live with wife in small wooden hollow

Dwell                     W(ife) in DELL

14. Fascinating period knitting together

Spellbinding        SPELL (= ‘period’) + BINDING

18. City in Maine has poster showing lighthouse location

Portland Bill       PORTLAND + BILL

The Dorset location of this lighthouse

21.Titled lady losing first two in game of skill

Chess                    (du)CHESS

22. Bananas in a hot pie for African national

Ethiopian             *IN A HOT PIE

24. Culinary herb used in Spanish province, mostly

Tarragon                TARRAGON(a), in Catalonia,

Delicious with fish, and in Béarnaise sauce

25. Figure of speech making one inside grin

Simile                      I in SMILE

I find the word order of the clue a bit odd, though perhaps necessary for the wordplay

26. Tentative, male model visiting social worker

Hesitant                 HE + SIT + ANT

27. At which one may have served before returning

Tennis                     cd.


1. A rigorous appraisal dictates changes

Acid test                  *DICTATES

2. Greatly shocked, European given the sack

Poleaxed                   POLE + AXED

3. Call round for drummer

Ringo                         RING + O

5. Sign of betrayal with fatal consequences?

Kiss of death             cd.

6. Left group, one used in commercial

Abandoned                BAND + ONE in AD

7. Involved story about eastern native

Oyster                        *STORY round E

For “oyster” = “native”, see the discussion here:

8. A service provided by elderly poet

Arnold                        A + R(oyal) N(avy) + OLD

Presumably, this poet, cultural critic and sage writer:

12. A mass of feathery seeds, lots the wind scattered

Thistledown              *LOTS THE WIND

15. Be quick to appear intelligent

Look smart                 dd.

16. Discord in military unit

Division                       dd.

17. Battlefield – force touches down without hesitation

Flanders                       F(orce) + LANDS around ER

19. A short stop

Scotch                           tichy dd.

20. Bride’s lost in wreck

Débris                          *BRIDE’S

23.Express an opinion in a shop in Ely

Opine                            hidden in ‘shOP IN Ely’

8 Responses to “Everyman 3346”

  1. The Trafites says:

    Hi Stella,

    congrats on doing your first blog for Fifteensquared.

    May you do many more.


  2. cholecyst says:

    Thanks Stella – I liked the illustrations!

  3. flashling says:

    Your first blog?? wow! Fantastic stuff I’m impressed, will have to raise my game it seems.

    Nicely done Stella.

  4. Robi says:

    Thanks, Stella; I enjoyed your pictures. I also liked your putting the clue above to make cross-referencing easy.

  5. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Many thanks, Stella. Plenty of knobs and whistles in this blog (and culinary hints for using tarragon) – well done!

    Regular contributors and lurkers will know I’m a big fan of Everyman. It does exactly what it says on the tin, as the advertising slogan goes.

    In this one, I liked RINGO and THISTLEDOWN in particular.

    And in your explanation of 19dn, don’t forget that ‘tichy’ is © Uncle Yap, so please make sure that you send him the royalties from the fee you get for blogging. For those that are scratching their heads, it’s a ‘Tongue In CHeek’ kind of clue. A bit like my comment about the fee.

  6. Paul B says:

    Re 1ac, ‘high’ as in ‘off’ (in the sense of ‘slightly decomposed or tainted’) is the anagram indicator. The clue, whilst very good, is not an &lit.

  7. Paul B says:

    In my opinion, I should add, since LONG = to yearn (with some powerful desire) for something. High praise could be what one yearns for, but I’m not entirely convinced.

  8. Stella says:

    Thanks all, though this is not exactly my first blog – I did the second ‘quiptic’, and should have done another more recently, but my communications broke down.

    When I wrote &lit for 1ac, paul, I was thinking of “a (church) spire”, as a symbol of high aspirations, though of course I’ve no idea whether that was Everyman’s intention, hence the ?

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