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Independent on Sunday 1083 by Quixote

Posted by flashling on November 21st, 2010


My first blog against any of Don’s crosswords I believe. He’s said his Quixote persona tries not to be too hard. I do remember a Duck(?) in the saturday magazine involving Pi which no-one got. Still here we go.

5 Smaller – MALL in SE + R
7 Boer War – B(ritish) + (we roar)*
10 Holy Grail – Hom wholy + G + RAIL
11 Ratio – hidden in (conside)RATIO(n)
12 Sittingbourne – T(ee)T(otal) in (big reunions)*
15 Trenton – Capital of New Jersey (Rent not)*
17 Unguent – UN + GENT around U
18 Wine and Cheese – I normally see these two the other way round, still, WE around (Chinese Dean)*
21 Rotas – R(ead) + O(ld) T(estament) + AS
22 Jerusalem – (office)R in JEU + MALES*
23 Sidecar – Double def.
24 Errancy – E + RR + (f)ANCY. Not over sure about lust = fancy

1 Carlisle United – bit harsh as an &lit perhaps even if they aren’t a top flight side. (Cruel Latin side)*
2 Flight – L in FIGHT
3 Abel – Bit hackneyed murder victin in crosswords but (b)ABEL
4 Yearlong – (Go nearly)*
5 Soho – OS rev + HO(use)
6 Realigned – (E.g. Ireland)* Somewhat topical
8 Water repellent – This held me up whilst I kept looking at water resistant, still – (Penetrate well R)*
9 Roomette – (Meter too)* possibly &lit as often where gas/electric meters are in the UK.
13 Gaucherie – Had a deja vu moment with this, Nimrod used a very similar idea in a recent Saturday. No accusation of plagiarism just coincidence. Hom of Go Cherie
14 Stewards – STEW + A RD + S(aturday)
16 Transact – A + NS in TRACT
19 Ensure – (c)ENSURE
20 Emmy – EMM(a) + (traged)Y
22 Jury – JUly with left replaced by right

Sorry we’ve lost HandeL but I understand fully why. Thanks Quixote for giving me one I could do. We rarely get many comments here for the Sunday but hope it helps a few folks.

4 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1083 by Quixote”

  1. flashling says:

    I know wholly is misspelled in 10 but for some reason I can’t edit this.

  2. Tokyo Colin says:

    Thank you flashling for this Sunday blog. I don’t have much to contribute but it seems a shame to have a blog with no comments.

    This was enjoyable but a very easy solve. In fact, if I had heard of Sittingbourne I think I would have completed this in just one pass. Most of the time spent was tapping in the answers on the iPhone “keyboard”.

    Nothing wrong with an easy crossword but I am surprised that the Sunday offerings are the easiest of the week. Today, when I have time to labour over a toughie, I have completed two crosswords in less than half an hour. I suppose I will just have to do something more productive…

  3. sidey says:

    Have a bash at the Azed Colin, it’s not very hard today. You will appreciate Chambers though.

  4. Stella says:

    Thanks for the blog, flashling. I had water-resistant, too.

    If you’re bored, Colin, you could look in on my Everyman blog, which hasn’t received any comments either.

    Oh, and thanks to Quixote for an entertaining and accessible puzzle.

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