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Guardian Quiptic nº 575, by Pan

Posted by Stella on 22nd November 2010


An entertaining puzzle from Pan, with some delightful surfaces and a variety of resources.

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Independent 7520 by Poins

Posted by nmsindy on 22nd November 2010


A pseudonym that I do not recall seeing before.       A pleasing puzzle that I found was very easy by Indy standards, solving time, 13 mins.

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Guardian 25,174 / Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 22nd November 2010


It’s Monday,  it’s Rufus, with the usual elegant mix of story-telling anagrams and cryptic and double definitions. I have one real quibble, which I think is a typographical error and / or editorial oversight.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 430 – Central skulduggery

Posted by beermagnet on 22nd November 2010


I’m well aware that when we bloggers baldly present the answers and wordplay it can make the solving process seem all too easy. But for some of us our calm exterior belies frantic activity, like a head sticking out of a pool while the legs are treading water like the clappers underneath.
Take for example 8A ALGEBRA: I realized most of the wordplay, but hadn’t understood the definition and thought “putting on” was an insertion indicator. So I tried to put (ALEG)* inside BRA. I have things like BALEGRA and BREGALA pencilled in the margin.
Then there’s the clumsy error that causes trouble: I quickly and gleefully got 6D CRACKLE – then wrote it in the space for 8A. I had an otherwise blank top-right corner till I sorted that out.
I have given up using a pen – pencil only for me.

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