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Independent 7520 by Poins

Posted by nmsindy on November 22nd, 2010


A pseudonym that I do not recall seeing before.       A pleasing puzzle that I found was very easy by Indy standards, solving time, 13 mins.

* = anagram


1 SPECTRES     hidden


10 DEAN    A in DEN     A = musical note,  these run from A to G

11 SURVEILLANCE   (incurs a level)*    Good surface reading

13 PORRIDGE    Double definition,   time = prison sentence

15 PICK    LE

16 D A   TA (volunteers)

17 ASHEN    hidden

18 MESS     Double definition

20 WRAITH   I(yours truly) in WRATH

21 SETTLERS    1st letter of Rhodesia in SETTLES

23 TAPE (record) MEASURES (quantities)

26 HIKE   Double definition, March given the false capital that crossword convention allows

27 REGIMENT    Double definition

28 EXPEDITE   ditto



3 CONSERVATIVE   (Veronica vets)*

4 REARED    RE (engineers) in READ

5 S (son)  IRE (anger)

6 TAILS   P     IN

7 LION      NIL (reversed) around O (0ld)

8 INTEGERS  (steering)*   Whole numbers

12 ACCOMPLISHED     Double definition

14 ETHOS   (those)*

16 DOWN (unhappy)   TURN (performer)

17 ACHIEVED   (a vice he’d)*

19 S (small) P(R)OCKET      r = rex = king

22 TURN-UP    Double definition

24 PAGE     breach of continuity = gap (reversed)   E = earl

25 SITE    IT in SE (London area)

10 Responses to “Independent 7520 by Poins”

  1. scchua says:

    Thanks nmsindy for the blog, and thanks to Poins (new to the Indy perhaps? But not to xwordland) for a relaxing start to the week.

    All quite straightforward. Favourite clues were 13A PORRIDGE, very concise, 6D TAILSPIN, and 19D SPROCKET.

  2. NealH says:

    I too found this very easy. I thought there might be some sort of theme with the downturn and turn up in the bottom part of the grid, but perhaps that’s just coincidence. The only clue which made me hesitate was expedite, but I suppose it must be the obsolete adjectival meaning that’s intended.

  3. walruss says:

    Well scchua knows something we don’t! Thios was an okay puzzle, but a bit like an ‘Indy Quiptic’.

  4. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Exceptionally for me, I did this puzzle just after midnight. Can’t disagree much with anything that’s been said so far. Quite enjoyed it, nothing too tricky, altogether pretty sound. Yes, come on, scchua, spill the legumes about who it is.

  5. anax says:

    I think congratulations may be in order – a very warm welcome to a new Indy setter. The name was familiar to me; Poins has three guest puzzles on Neil Shepherd’s website, all of them on this page:

  6. Richard says:

    Nice to welcome a new setter, Poins, but please make it a bit harder next time!

  7. flashling says:

    Welcome to Poins. Nice gentle start to the week, must have some stinkers on their way…

  8. eimi says:

    I wanted to redress the balance a little after a pretty tough week that included Scorpion and Nestor, but flashling can look forward to Nimrod and the Bann man soon.

  9. scchua says:

    Now that it’s confirmed (I wasn’t sure before) welcome to the latest Indy setter, Poins. And if I may, and at walruss and KD’s request (sorry to disappoint you guys, I didn’t say I knew who he/she is, just that I’m familiar with the name) here is the link to Poins’ own website.

  10. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the link, scchua, which explains the pseudonym, to an extent anyway. I think from Alberich’s site you can delete the ‘she’ from the options.

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