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Sloggers and Betters Midlands Meet

Posted by Admin on November 23rd, 2010


Kathryn’s Dad has arranged a lunchtime get-together for solvers, setters and bloggers in Derby on Saturday 29th January. The details he has sent me are given below.

Derby get together on  29/1/2011

The details of the get together in Derby for sloggers, betters and most importantly solvers are now finalised.  We’ll be having lunch on Saturday 29th January, at 12:30 for 1:00pm.  The venue will be The Waterfall  which is a thirty second walk from Derby train station.  There’s also plenty of parking in the vicinity (which is not cheap, but it’s cheaper than Leicester Square …).

You’ll see the venue on the website: we’ve reserved an area of the restaurant for our own use, and most of the main courses are around £8, so it shouldn’t break the bank .

What’s it about?  Simply a congenial, Midlands-based lunch for folk who are interested in crosswords, following on from the now well-established London evening do that Peter B. has organised over the years.  A chance to natter about crosswords and gossip relentlessly about regulars on fifteensquared, or other similar sites, who decide not to attend.

But most importantly, an opportunity to meet some of the setters that entertain us each day.  At the time of writing, we have had confirmation of attendance from Rufus, Anax and (almost certainly) Shed.  Other setters are of course more than welcome to come along.

If you’d like to attend, please e-mail me, Kathryn’s Dad (aka Peter), at pwharvey {at} msn {dot} com.  We do need to confirm numbers for the meal, so if you are definitely interested in coming, please let me know.  I’ll confirm any final arrangements to people nearer the time.

Look forward to hearing from you and to seeing lots of you on the 29th.

35 Responses to “Sloggers and Betters Midlands Meet”

  1. anax says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Eileen says:

    Nor me!

    It might be nice if you could indicate here, too, if you’re hoping to come, so that people have an idea what / whom to expect!

  3. Jan says:

    I am even now (in between posting here) investigating the train timetables from Oxford to Derby.

  4. Conrad Cork says:

    I’m up for this too. Great.

  5. Orlando says:

    I hope to be there.

  6. Big Dave says:

    I’ve put it in my diary!

  7. Andrew says:

    It sounds like an unmissable event – I’ll be there!

  8. mhl says:

    It’s great to hear that this is going ahead – I’m trying to arrange to be there, but I can only be a “hopefully” for the moment..

  9. Richard Heald says:

    Include me in too.

  10. flashling says:

    I hope to attend but Southeastern railway have engineering work for me that weekend, which so far makes it look like I’ll get home at 6:30 the following day. Still trying to find a way to attend. Phil

  11. Rishi says:

    Please do report on any gossip about the Man from Madras (that is Chennai now). I bet Rufus and Anax can make some contributions.
    In India we are having a second S&B meeting. The first one was in Madras. This time it is in Bangalore and a couple of us are going there from Madras.
    There we will be meeting two bloggers based in Bangalore – a retired army officer and Shuchi of Crossword Unclued.
    I have met both of them before – during trips to Bangalore when I went there for other reasons.
    Before this second S&B many cyberian friends have met me in Chennai when they visited the city.

  12. linxit says:

    I’ll try to be there too. Still too soon to confirm yet, but I will as soon as I know for sure.

  13. jetdoc says:

    We (Enigmatist and I) are hoping to be there.

  14. Allan_C says:

    I’m putting it in my diary. And btw if anyone fancies a pint of real ale beforehand the renowned Brunswick Inn is literally only yards away.

  15. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Yes, Allan, it is a good pint in the Brunswick if anyone fancies an apéritif. Thanks for all your replies, both here and to my e-mail. Main problem at the minute might be that I haven’t reserved enough space, but don’t let that put you off coming, I can soon reserve some more!


  16. Peter Biddlecombe says:

    I don’t know whether I’ll get there myself, but I’m delighted to see something happening outside London (Derby or Bangalore).

  17. Kathryn's Dad says:

    The beer’s better in Derby, Peter.


  18. MikeC says:

    I also hope to come – sounds like fun. The Brunswick beforehand could be good – carrying a rolled-up copy of the Grauniad?

  19. judy bentley says:

    If there’s space left I’d like to come. I could give anyone a lift who could get to Hemel Hempstead.

  20. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Of course, Judy, since we’re some way from the date I can book more space if needed.

    Is the Hemel Hempstead Magic Roundabout still confusing people? (Used to work in the Kodak building and the default boredom option was to look out of the window and see how many accidents you could spot …)

  21. kloot says:

    Please count me in if possible. I live in Derbyshire and it would be ideal for me!! It would also provide my wife with a break from me talking about crosswords!!!!

  22. flashling says:

    K’s D I still have nightmares about that roundabout(s) and the one(s) at Swindon…

  23. Orense says:

    Look forward to being there (to meet bloggers for the first time!)

  24. judy bentley says:

    K’s Dad and flashling, so sorry you don’t like our Magic Roundabout. I love it. In 25 years I’ve never seen an accident, but maybe I shouldn’t say that…. Alas, Kodak is no longer Kodak. My younger daughter always knew we were nearly home when she saw that landmark. Many of us wanted the name kept on the building but the powers that be thought otherwise. Did you know that the Ski Slope has been replaced by a Snow Centre with real snow? What an extravagance.

  25. judy bentley says:

    ps I love confusing my foreign guests by asking them which way round the roundabout they would like me to go!

  26. Coffee says:

    Am closer to Bangalore than Derby, but not close enough – close, but no cigar. Drat. Have a pint for me…

  27. tupu says:

    Hi K’sD

    Sounds a great idea. Unfortunately, I suspect it’s going to prove a bit far from this neck of the fens unless I can motorise a punt!

  28. Rishi says:

    At the S&B II meet in Bangalore (our S&B stands for Sloggers and Bloggers) we drank beer. The venue was the private terrace of a blogger, Col. Deepak Gopinath. The beer that we drank flew well. Now, you can guess what it was!

    It was strange that everyone chose beer, though the Colonel’s fridge was stocked with other libations.

  29. Tom Johnson says:

    I hope to attend too, and am looking forward to meeting some of the band of bloggers. Do I wear my Busman or Gozo hat?!

  30. Kathryn's Dad says:

    I don’t think we’ve got as far as a dress code, yet, Tom; I was minded towards smart but casual, but I’m relaxed about it.

    More seriously, can I ask those that have indicated they’re coming but haven’t yet mailed me to do so? I’ll need to contact you nearer the time about your choice of meal and other final arrangements. I won’t share anyone’s e-mail address with others.



  31. Jan says:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to meet Rishi and Shuchi and all the other contributors from around the world. Maybe we should cook a bruise, as Spooner would say. 😀

  32. Carrots says:

    Pintas at The Brunswick, stiff with fellow crossipuzzlers? I`ll be there (if this darned weather doesn`t drive me out of England first).

  33. Sylvia says:

    I was thrilled to hear about a northern venue and would love to be there (from the other side of Manchester) but the date coincides with a booked Rhythm’n Blues Weekend in Skegness, sadly. Best wishes for the event and I hope there will be more up here in the future!

  34. Median says:

    As a Nottingham solver, I’d love to come – Derby is just down the road. However, I’ll be out of the country. Hope it goes well.

  35. Will Drever says:

    If it’s not too late I’d like to join you all at the end of the month? Looking forward to it.

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