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Guardian 25,176 / Crucible

Posted by mhl on 24th November 2010


Crucible’s puzzles are a real treat, but sadly a relatively rare one. As you’d expect if you’ve done this setter’s puzzles before, this was pretty tough, and particularly one for those who like really cryptic definition parts :) The surface readings here are exceptionally good, with only a couple that seem a little stilted…

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Financial Times 13,551 / Viking

Posted by smiffy on 24th November 2010


We are informed that “This is Viking’s final crossword”, and it’s a swan song that’s reassuringly familiar in style and humour to the other aspects of his generous legacy.  Several of the best clues (including 26A, 28A, 5D) employ a similar, anagram-x device to entertaining effect.

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Independent 7522/Dac

Posted by John on 24th November 2010


The usual excellence from Dac today. Such smooth surfaces, and he clues everything so seamlessly and neatly. A couple I don’t understand, but they will no doubt be explained. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inquisitor 1152: Tirade by Loda

Posted by HolyGhost on 24th November 2010


Midnight Saturday, guests have all gone home or gone to bed … time to pour a whisky and have a look at the crossword.
Ten unclued thematic entries (5 pairs); first letters of redundant words exemplify the theme which must be highlighted in the completed grid.

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