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Guardian 25,173 (Sat 20 Nov)/Bonxie – Cobblers

Posted by rightback on 27th November 2010


Solving time: 14 mins

This may have been Bonxie’s first prize puzzle in the Guardian, in which case my congratulations to the setter. There were some nice ideas here but on close analysis some of the clues didn’t make a lot of sense. On reflection, several of the Guardianisms I winced at when solving are just about tolerable, e.g. ‘editor first’ = E and lots of surface-reading punctuation that needed to be ignored, but others, such as ‘headline’ = L (18ac), the meaningless constructions at 2dn and 23dn and the truly awful 19dn, were taking things much too far for me. Mind you, my performance was also dreadful, with particular slowness on 12dn (WHOLE), 20dn (PIRATE) and 21ac (CONTAINER).

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Independent 7519 (Sat 20-Nov) Anax

Posted by beermagnet on 27th November 2010


A Leo Tolstoy themed puzzle because 20-Nov-2010 was exactly 100 years since the great man’s death.

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Enigmatic Variations No. 941 – The Sign of Four by Salamanca

Posted by mc_rapper67 on 27th November 2010


A fellow EV blogger recently mused on the ‘blogger’s nightmare’ of being allocated a puzzle he/she can’t get to the bottom of. Well, here’s an example (unless the penny drops some time between writing this up and posting it!)… The preamble talks of ‘the most abstruse cryptogram’, a ‘seven percent solution’, signs, gifts and interpretations linked to the theme of ‘FOUR’, and some ‘imaginative’ picturing of items in the grid. It all turned out to be a FOUR-pipe problem, far from elementary, and defeated my best efforts at detection.

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