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Azed 2008: Sunday 21 November

Posted by jetdoc on November 28th, 2010


A mostly straightforward Azed, with a few that held me up for a while and needed to be checked in Chambers (like the definition of ‘office’ in 19a).

I didn’t get the wordplay at 5d until helped out with a relatively obscure alternative meaning.

1 GUT-WRENCHING GUT = ‘tug’ reversed; WENCHING; R = right
9 ORRA OR = ordinary ranks (the men, as opposed to the officers); RA = Royal Artillery. ‘Odd; not matched; left over; occasional, casual; supernumerary; worthless’
10 UDOS With K (a thousand) this would make ‘kudos’. Udo is a Japanese species of Aralia with edible shoots.
12 E-BAY E = Eastern; BY = Belarus (IVR); A
13 STANDARD LAMP *(palms); TAN = brown; DARD = a person belonging to any of the peoples who speak Dardic languages
14 SONDE Hidden in ‘person deployed’. Any device for obtaining information about atmospheric and weather conditions at high altitudes.
15 MICAS MIC = bug (microphone); AS = when. Glimmer is mica.
17 INSERTED *(trend is e)
19 LEUCITE Sounds like “loo site”, ‘office’ being a euphemism for lavatory. Leucite
21 TRIPLEX TRIP = feel effects of (hallucinogenic) drug; LEX = law. Triplex® glass is a combination of glass and mica in three layers.
29 UNETH U = university; *(then). Alternative spelling of uneath, old word meaning ‘hardly, scarcely’
30 PALER ‘Reap’ reversed; L = left. ‘Pale’ can mean ‘ not ruddy or fresh’.
31 TARAMASALATA TART A; filled with A MASALA. Taramasalata
32 COSS ‘Cossets’ minus ‘set’. A measure of distance in India, averaging about 1¾ miles.
33 OP-ED Double definition — a newspaper article printed opposite the editorial column; (without hyphen) past tense of ‘ope’, a poetic form of ‘open’.
34 TIAN TIN = can; A = ace. A vegetable gratin baked in an earthenware dish
35 HIGH-SEASONED HIGH SEAS = ocean; *(done), with ‘bouilli’ as the anagram indicator.
1 GOSSIB ‘Bis sog’ (twice soak), reversed. Spenserian form of ‘gossip’ in its archaic sense of ‘a familiar friend’
2 TRANSPIRE *(terrapins)
3 WANDER WAN = colourless; DER[by]
4 RUDERY RU = Republic of Burundi (IVR); DRY = parched; E = earth
5 NORSE Thanks to Bob for help on this one. NOSE = informer, for which ‘stag’ is another term; R = ‘antler’s tip’. ‘Ancient Scandinavian’ is the definition.
6 HELIAC H = ‘hat’ without ‘at’; *(Alice).
7 NAMASTE NA = not applicable; MASTE[r]. (In India) a traditional form of greeting, a slight bow with the palms pressed together before the chest or face
8 GYPSY Hidden in ‘dodgy psychology’.
11 DARTLE *(dealt); R = king. To move, start or shoot out rapidly
16 CHILBLAIN *(Bill); in CHAIN. Chilblains
18 PRONAOI P = prince; ROI = foreign king; ON A = close to one. Plural of pronaos, the vestibule in front of a temple
20 EXCUSE EX = without; CUSE sounds like “Qs”, which one might mind along with one’s Ps (“peas”)
22 POTASH ‘sat’ reversed; in ‘hop’ reversed. Potash is the common name for various mined and manufactured salts that contain potassium in water-soluble form.
23 SEPADS AD = Bill (advertisement); SEPS = a skink of the genus Seps with a serpentlike body, the serpent-lizard; a very venomous snake mentioned by classical writers. To suppose; to warrant [a ghost word; from JM Barrie’s mishearing of I’se (= I sal) uphaud, I shall uphold]
24 SMALTO SO = like this; MALT = liquor. Coloured glass or enamel for mosaic work; a cube of it
25 ERRAND ER = Her Majesty; north of (above) RAND = a border, margin
26 DUTCH Double definition — wife (‘trouble and strife’ in Cockney rhyming slang); artificial courage induced by drinking alcohol
28 ETAPE Five successive characters in ‘helmet a pest’.

3 Responses to “Azed 2008: Sunday 21 November”

  1. Bob Sharkey says:

    Re 5D Chambers gives both STAG and NOSE as slang terms for ‘informer’

  2. jetdoc says:

    Thanks, Bob.

  3. jmac says:

    Very entertaining with not too many obscure words. NORSE did puzzled me but Bradford gives “Stag” under “nose” but I don’t know on what authority.

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