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Financial Times 13,558 / Loroso

Posted by smiffy on 2nd December 2010


Plenty of high-calibre material in here.  Loroso’s eclectic style almost defies pigeon-holing; in many ways traditional yet ever-innovative; occasionally fiendish with wordplay but usually complemented or vindicated by the most natural of surface readings.  Main hold-up for me today was trying to meld the anagram fodder at 29A into an unfamiliar phrase.  I got lucky with an early flash of divine(!) inspiration on the other unknown (at 15D), which on another day could have proved a head-scratcher.

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Independent 7,529/Dac

Posted by Ali on 2nd December 2010


Dac?! On a Thursday!? After Phi’s unexpected appearance yesterday, I assumed that Dac was probably due a Saturday slot, we’d have a date-related puzzle tomorrow and that today would be the usual Thursday torment. I’ve dodged a bullet here, clearly.

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Guardian 25,183 – Arachne

Posted by Andrew on 2nd December 2010


This was mostly straightforward, with a few very obvious clues, but there was some good fun too – I liked 14ac, 27ac, and especially 18dn. Sometimes the clues took a bit of working out, even when the answer was fairly clear, with 7dn taking the most work.

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Financial Times 13,549 – Dante

Posted by Uncle Yap on 2nd December 2010

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 22 November 2010
I am blogging this in London and the culprit is holidaying somewhere nice and warm. Dante, do have a restful sojourn Down Under. Solvers in Brrrrritain (it’s 6 degree Celcius outside) will just have to be amused by his usual brand of slick wordplay.

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Financial Times 13,548 by Cinephile (in the red!)

Posted by Pete Maclean on 2nd December 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of November 20

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