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Financial Times 13,559 / Styx

Posted by shuchi on December 3rd, 2010


Some nice misdirection made this puzzle tougher than it appeared on first sight. I opened with the top-left and slowed down at the bottom-right, with 23a and 23d causing me more trouble than they should have, I think.


1 BUDAPEST BUD (shoot) PEST (nuisance), around A
5 TRADER RED (colour) ART (works of creative imagination), all reversed
9 REVERSAL R[u]S[t] in REVEAL (display)
10 PTOSIS PTO (instruction to move; abbreviation for Please Turn Over) SIS (family member). Ptosis is a drooping of the eyelid, also called “lazy
12 ATLAS AT LAS[t] (eventually, shortened). C1 or Atlas is the first cerebral vertebra, forming the joint between the skull and spine.
13 CHARACTER A C (cold), in CHARTER (contract)
14 DOUGHY DOUGHTY (brave) – T[ribe]
16 KING-PIN KIN (family) GP (doctor) IN (concerned with). Kingpin is the key element of any system or plan.
18 INSPECT INSECT (cricket, perhaps) around P[akistan]
20 RADIOS [entertaine]R ADIOS (farewell). To remember for the future: equipment can be plural.
22 COINTREAU COIN (mint) (A TRUE)*. An orange-flavoured liqueur.
23 HYPER hidden in ‘choreograpHY PERhaps’. I was expecting a DD here, well played Styx!
24 VAPOUR V (volume) A POUR (stream)
25 DIDACTIC DID (accomplished) ACT (performance) I (one) C (caught). ‘accomplished performance’ comes together well on the surface.
26 RARITY RAY (beam) around R (river) IT; find = rarity as in the discovery of something valuable.
27 FEATURED A TUR[n] (roll, nearly), in FEED (meal)


1 BARMAN ARM (member) in BAN (outlaw)
2 DEVIL WORSHIPPER ROW (controversy) LIVED (was) reversed, SHIPPER (dispatcher). Nice!
4 STARCHY ARCH (curved structure) in STY (farm feature)
DESKTOP COMPUTER (CUSTOMER KEPT IPOD – I)*. Pretty neat way to get rid of ‘I’ from the anagram.
8 RESTRING REST (break) RING (band)
11 HACK dd. My learning of the day – jade is a word for an old overworked horse or hack.
15 GREAT AUNT (GEAR)* TAUNT (guy, verb)
17 DISCOVER DISC (sound recording) OVER (too much)
19 TEEN hidden in ‘privaTE ENterprise’
20 ROUTINE ROUTE (way) around IN (batting)
21 BRACED CAR (coach) reversed, in BED (hospital unit). I think bed = hospital unit is a bit iffy. // Update: Looks like bed is indeed a standard “hospital unit”. See comments.
23 HEART A R (radius) in (THE)*. Can’t believe it took me so long to solve this.

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,559 / Styx”

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks shuchi – since hospital sizes are often defined in terms of the number of beds, I have no problem with 21D.

  2. Richard says:

    …and bed availability is an important functional unit for any hospital. Thanks for another excellent blog; like you I was often misdirected this morning.

  3. shuchi says:

    Thanks Steve and Richard. I didn’t know that about beds and hospitals – thank you!

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