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Guardian Genius / 89

Posted by mhl on 5th December 2010


A very nicely constructed crossword, with a “word chain” (missing alternate links) running through the 6 letter answers. The complete chain (with the missing links emphasized) is: 1d BOTHER / HERBAL / 3d BALTIC / TICKER / 19d KERNEL / NELLIE / 2d LIELOW / LOWOOD / 5a OODLES / LESSER / 22a SERVAL / VALENT / 26a ENTREE / REEFER / 20d FERRET / RETIRE / 24a IRENIC / NICKEL / 21d KELPIE / PIEMAN / 12a MANNER / NERVES / 10a VESTAL / TALBOT / 1d BOTHER … I think this was fairly easy for a Genius but great fun to solve.

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Azed 2009 – say a prayer

Posted by bridgesong on 5th December 2010


A mixture this week of clever clues  and others made relatively easy by their use of 2 or 3 letter words which regular solvers will quickly have recognised (e.g. 12, 16 and 20 across). My favourite clue this week was 34 across. As usual, I attach the pdf of the puzzle for reference. Read the rest of this entry »

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Everyman 3348 (28 November 2010)

Posted by Pierre on 5th December 2010


My first Everyman blog, and a pleasure for me to solve it and explain it. I’ve been a fan of Everyman for many years and as usual this one didn’t disappoint. It might have been first night nerves, but I did find this harder than usual. Three-quarters of it went in pretty straightforwardly, but there were some unusual words that held me up near the end.

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Independent on Sunday 1085 by Quixote

Posted by Uncle Yap on 5th December 2010

Uncle Yap.

I have been doing these Sunday Indies one week late on the Independent site and it took some nice co-operation from friends to get hold of a current puzzle without having to be physically in the UK and buying a dead-tree copy. I am therefore quite accustomed to the Don’s scrupulously fair clueing style; although he sometimes has too high an expectation of his clients. We can’t all be of the same calibre as Times Crossword Champions or setters for the quality dailies.  Lesser mortals abound and abound abundantly.

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