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Private Eye/Cyclops 431 – Pig!

Posted by beermagnet on December 6th, 2010


So it was at the London Sloggers’n’Betters in The Salisbury that I realised that almost a week had passed and I hadn’t finished this puzzle. In fact I had only got 10 answers by then. Events had conspired to make me do real work rather than crosswords for most of my waking hours the previous few days (that’s my excuse) and I hadn’t been on Cyclops’ wavelength when starting it. Anyway, eventually finished it with a bit of a struggle, and the usual then happens – I go to write up the blog and I wonder why I had so much trouble. Everything’s easy when you know the answer and the wordplay shines out (apart from 1D). Really though, I rate this at the harder end of the Eye crossword spectrum.

And another thing.
What’s all this aggro about “naughty” words appearing in other crosswords – with the addendum – “There’s a place for this sort of thing – and it’s Private Eye”? Seems most people think Cyclops goes out of his way to devise rude and disgusting wordplay. I thought it was just the way he is …

7 PISCES CE (church) inside PISS (leak)
8 RAITA [nigell]A inside RITA (educated woman) as in Educating Rita
First answer solved – I was pleased to get this early on.
10 GOATEE GOAT (butter) then [g]EE[k] Apparently, if you meet someone who looks exactly like you but has a goatee beard, then he is probably your evil twin.
11 HANDS OFF HANDS (dukes) OFF (dicky)
12 DR JEKYLL R[esistence] inside DJ (jock – as in Disc jockey), then (KELLY)* AInd: screwed. Def: Good side of character. Ref. Dr J and Mr H
14 HISLOP HI (Hello) SLOP (splash)
16 TONGUE-IN-CHEEK CD which conjurors up a mental image that only the Eye could promulgate. The sort of clue that Paul would love to write, but Hugh Stephenson (cries of “all that piss and shit” from the back) would feel he had to cut:
With which a toady ends up ironically? (6-2-5)
18 EMETIC CITE ME all reversed
20 GRUESOME Homophone “Grew some”
22 COCKED UP (DECKO)* AInd: perverted, inside CUP (part of bra)
25 ESCORT DD 1. Euphemism for tart 2. “Old banger”
I wondered about the ‘old’ in that def. as I don’t think of Ford Escorts as /old/ cars – I looked it up to discover the Ford Escort was superseded by the Focus several years ago. Only goes to show how little I think about cars
26 TERSE ER’S (Brenda’s) inside T[h]E (the gutless) Def. Blunt. I found this tricky.
27 SKIVER V[ictory] inside SKIER (Vigorous tosser’s achievement – as in the ball that is tossed high into the sky). Def. Idle bugger. Solved very late – I was convinced “idle bugger” was wordplay for an anagram of IDLE.
1 TIE THE KNOT Last in and that only from the Def. (unite) and crossing letters.  I still can’t see the wordplay:
Labour having yielded, do this? Unite (3,2,4)
2 SCREW YOU SCREW (No. 10 possibly) YOU (Eye readers) No. 10 is a standard size of screw, not the length of the screw – it defines the thickness of the shaft, or the thread, or something (Somebody please tell me – I got lost in the enormous number of wiki pages defining screw standards even though I can tell a No. 6, 8, 10 or 12 by sight)
3 GSOH (GOSH)* AInd: getting pissed. Not much letter shuffling required there – acronym Good Sense Of Humour very well known too
9/24 SOURPUSS SOUR (tart) PUSS[y] Def: Miserable sort
13 LYING DD 1. Sprawling (lying around) 2. habit of novelist Jeffrey? (embellishing tales no doubt)
15 SEERSUCKER SEER (Eye user) SUCKER (one enjoying dummy)
16 TAMWORTH WM (Abbrev. for William) reversed (stuck up), inside THROAT* AInd: snapped. I liked this clue. Clue of the grid for emulating a line from a 1940s schoolboy novel:
Stuck up William, grabbed by throat snapped “Pig!” (8)
17 CRUDE OIL RUDE (uncouth) inside COIL (contraceptive)
19 CODGER TODGER with first letter changed
23/21 KARL MARX (LARK)* AInd: drunken, then homophone “Mark’s” (maybe Thatcher’s said)

Final “Joke”:
During his visit to the UK the Pope suggested that atheists are like Nazis.
How would he know? He’s never been an atheist …

6 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 431 – Pig!”

  1. Rishi says:

    Re 1d, I’ll try.

    When labour yields, a woman gives birth to a child. And afterwards the ob-gyn surgeon may have to do some suturing.

  2. sidey says:

    Umbilical cord? Tied in a knot? Bit more usual than surgical intervention I’d have thought.

  3. clowesy says:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but my PE says this is crossword 431. Are these blog posts all off by 1?

  4. sidey says:

    clowesy, just this one.

  5. beermagnet says:

    Aargh, the curse of copy’n’paste from a previous blog.
    This is number 431 and fixed now.

    I suppose TIE THE KNOT is about giving birth-type labour, but the cord isn’t so much tied as clipped with those little plastic clothes peg-type things.
    (Note to self: Cut out the “-typing” when typing)

  6. Mr Beaver says:

    Beermagnet, I dare say you’re right about little plastic things (don’t bamboozle us with these medical technicalities! :)), but in popular imagination, the cord is still knotted by the doctor/midwife, so I’m sure that lay behind 1d.

    Finished it, apart from 13d (thought of LYING, but didn’t associate it with novelist Jeffrey – how dumb can you get?) and 27a, which I still can’t see. Oh! light dawns – it’s SKIER as in one that goes skyward, rather than the piste artiste…

    Blimey. I’ll get me coat…

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