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Financial Times 13563 / GOZO – Car-ried away

Posted by RatkojaRiku on December 8th, 2010


A thematic puzzle from Gozo to grapple with today, although he does not keep us guessing as to what that theme might be: multiple references to car firms and models tell us that this is a puzzle for automobile enthusiasts. As I know that our compiler is such an enthusiast, I am sure he thoroughly enjoyed setting this puzzle; since I am not, I approached solving and blogging it with a degree of trepidation. Thankfully, the wordplay is sufficient tight to enable the non-experts amongst us to come up with the answers. I leave readers to research the various makes and models for themselves if they so wish.

*(….) indicates an anagram


1          PASSAT – PASS (=overtake) + A + T (=time)

4          MASERATI – *(STEAM + AIR); “mixing” is anagram indicator

10        RELIANT – *(LINER AT), “model” is anagram indicator

11        PHANTOM – homonym of “fan” (=enthusiast) + TOM (=cat); homonym indicator is “spoken of”; RR stands for Rolls-Royce

12        OPEL – OP (=works, short for opus) + EL (le = the, i.e. definite article, in French; reversed (“backs”))

13        MINI COOPER – I + COOP (=very confined space) in MINER (collier)

16        ACCORD – double definition: the model Honda ACCORD and agreement

17        BUGATTI – BUG (=beetle, answer to 21) + AT (=in) + TI (outskirts, i.e. first and last letters of TripolI)

20        CORTINA – *(R (=right) + ACTION); “replay” is anagram indicator; definition is “Ford model”, since 25 is FORD

21        BEETLE – homonym of Beatle, i.e. Ringo Starr

24        OLDSMOBILE – *(SOLD) + MOBILE (phone); “new” is anagram indicator; Oldsmobile cars used to be manufactured by General Motors.

25        FORD – FOR (=supporting) + D (=duke)

27        CITROEN – homonym of SIT (=model) + RUN (=score, in cricket, for example); homonym indicator is “it’s said”. For this clue to work, one has to remember to pronounce Citroën the English way. Rather deceptively, the word “model” is part of the wordplay rather than the definition.

29        SUNBEAM – Sunbeam-Talbot was a British car manufacturer, hence Sunbeam “preceded” Talbot in the name; the definition is “ray”, i.e. of light.

30        MERCEDES – MER (= sea in French) + CEDES (=gives up)

31        JENSEN/JENSON – Jensen Motors is a formerly British car manufacturer; Jenson Button is a F1 racing driver (= button with capital, i.e. the name is capitalised). Your humble blogger, assuming that he is not barking up the wrong tree altogether, is not sure which spelling should be entered in the grid.


1          PERSONAL – double definition: wounding (e.g. personal/offensive remark) and private (e.g. personal/private matter)

2          SILVER CLOUD – RR is Rolls-Royce, as in 11; the reference is to the expression “every cloud has a silver lining”

3          ADAM – A (=first) + DAM (=female)

5          APPLIQUE – *(EQUIP PAL)

6          ELABORATED – E (=English) + LAB (=Labour Party) + ORATED (=spoke at length); definition is “spoke at length”, i.e. partially & Lit.

7          ANT – hidden in NissAN, Towing

8          IMMURE – RUM (=strange) in EMI (=recording company), all reversed (“knocked over”); to immure is to wall in, enclose within walls

9          STAIN – *(IT’S AN); anagram indicator is “awful”

14        PETITIONERS – TITION (=homonym of Titian) in PEERS (=nobles); Titian was a Venetian artist in the 16th century.

15        PRO TEMPORE – *(POEM) in *(REPORT); anagram indicators are “new” and “fresh”; the Latin phrase “pro tempore” means “for the time being”.

18        ON A BINGE – A + BING (=crooner) in ONE (=individual); Bing Crosby was an American crooner in the 20th century

19        SEEDSMAN – the definition is “horticulturist”, here a supplier/sower of seeds; seeds are the ranked players in sports events, such as Wimbledon.

22        DOTCOM – *(DOC + TOM)

23        CLOSE – double definition: “the end” and “small quiet road”

26        ANTE – hidden in sylvAN TErrain

28        TOR – initial letters (“opening”) of TOR(RENT) (=rushing stream)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13563 / GOZO – Car-ried away”

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the blog RatkojaRiku. Given the clue structure and overall theme, I think it’s a safe bet that 31A is JENSEN.

  2. Abby says:

    I got or guessed all of them except 31A, so I guess I did OK. Not sure if correcting it to one spelling or the other would’ve helped me since I’d not heard of the company or the guy.

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