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Independent 7,534/Dac

Posted by Ali on December 8th, 2010


2 Dacs on the bounce for me after his move to Thursday last week. I don’t have a problem with this!

Most of this went in fairly quickly, but there were a few trickier ones that had me chewing my pen near the end (CORSAIR, WHINCHAT and INEQUITY in particular).

1 SANDWICH BOARD – Cryptic/double def.
8 CARTOONIST – O (ring) in CARTON + IS + [-pu]T
9 JOBS – Double def., ref. Steve
10 FEEBLE – BEEF rev. + LE
11 INEQUITY – 1 + QUIT in YEN rev.
13 COME UPON – ME[-al] in COUPON
16 SMOGGY – S(mall) MOGGY
18 WHINCHAT – WHAT circling INCH
22 SCREED – C[-hapte]R in SEED
23 COLE – Initial letters of Carries One’s Luggage Eagerly/td>
24 TRANSLATOR – (START ORAL [-examination]N)*
26 KINDRED SPIRIT – KIND (generous) + RED (wine) + SPIRIT (brandy)*
2 NOTABLE – A B(ass) in ELTON rev.
3 WOO – W(ife) OO (loves)
6 ADJOURN – Hidden in well-reAD JOURNalist
7 DEBUT – TUBE + D rev.
15 SPACED OUT – Double def.
17 GALLEON – NOEL + LAG rev.
18 WAYLAID – W(estern) + A1 in (LADY)*
19 CORSAIR – COR (my) + SAI[-lo]R
21 CLOCK – Double def.
25 SIP – IS rev. + P(enny)

11 Responses to “Independent 7,534/Dac”

  1. NealH says:

    A couple of minor points. I think 1 down should be stateroom (state = say). Also there is no anagram in 26.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, Ali. Even by Dac’s exalted standards, there were some really great clues here eg SANDWICH BOARD, CARTOONIST, COME UPON, SMOGGY, TRANSLATOR, COITION, ADJOURN. Seemed quite easy to start with, but then got much trickier with some very well-cloaked definitions.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Super puzzle even by Dac’s standards. COITION, GALLEON, NOTABLE … and keep going if you like. Don’t get me started about surfaces otherwise I’ll come across as a big fan (which of course I am).

    Always thought CORSAIR was the pirate but I now find it can also be the boat; WHINCHAT I got from a couple of crossing letters because I like birds, and then was reminded of Ernie Wise and ‘the plays what I wrote’. SMOGGY wasn’t half bad either. If I have a quibble, it’s that there are lots of top linguists, not all of them translators, but no doubt this will be me missing something.

    Thank you Ali and Dac.

  4. flashling says:

    Re 1d I went for STATE rather than stage, found this tricky is SE corner and gave up looking for the reason why CORSAIR so thanks Ali.

    Re 1a I’m actually in Sandwich right now.

  5. flashling says:

    Cor, it’s a bit of a tumbleweed moment in here. Come on, give Ali something to think it’s worthwhile!

  6. pennes says:

    I thought this rather hard compared to some of Dac’s puzzles: from water to Tyne seemed a long jump and fret did not leap to my mind: not implying that any of the cluing is dodgy though and some first class surface readings.

  7. Wil Ransome says:

    I sometimes do the paper version and noticed today that the font of the text (but I don’t think the numbers) in the clues has changed, something like Times New Roman when it used to be perhaps Arial. Is this an improvement?

  8. flashling says:

    The crossword was in the commuter friendly position today, but how much control Eimi has on that is dubious, but long may it continue. Despite my ex-wife being a typographer I didn’t notice the font change though.

    Bah, job ends at christmas so if anyone out there needs an SCCM expert please let me know.

  9. Allan_C says:

    Pennes @ #6
    Re 11dn, I’m open to correction, but I believe it’s fairly common in NE England to refer to a river as a water, hence Tyne Water, Tees Water, etc. Probably influenced by Scots. But I don’t think everyone can be expected to know that. As it happened I got EMPTY NESTER from the definition and crossing letters, so didn’t look very closely at the wordplay.

  10. eimi says:

    The commuter-friendly position will stay, I’m pleased to say, from Tuesday to Friday at least. There are now two fonts, an emboldened sanserif font for the numbers and a serif font for the clues, which makes my job a lot more fiddly, but improves the legibility, I think.

  11. flashling says:

    Thank you Eimi for that, I’m sure many indy solvers will be very grateful without realising that. I certainly will.

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