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Independent 7536 – Phi

Posted by flashling on 10th December 2010


Friday with Phi and all’s well. Surprisingly few clues in this, grid suggested nina but I can’t see anything or an obvious theme. The usual mix of nice anagrams and wordplay though.

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Guardian 25,190 / Boatman

Posted by mhl on 10th December 2010


I had somewhat mixed feelings about this puzzle – the surface readings are very nice and there are plenty of inventive and entertaining constructions. However, there are some rather tricky subtractive elements, in particular to get to the anagram fodder in some cases, which makes this a trickier solve. In particular, 2 down made me appreciate Azed’s very strict rules about how compound anagrams should be constructed :) I suspect an error in 18 down, and I’m missing something about 25 across – suggestions and corrections much appreciated, as ever! Resolved now – thanks!

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Financial Times 13,565 / Bradman

Posted by shuchi on 10th December 2010


An uncomplicated, enjoyable grid. I am a fan of the way Bradman constructs fresh and elegant clue surfaces with even basic wordplay, such as 21a and 2d. My favourites today are 26a, 3d.

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