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Independent on Sunday 1086: Quixote

Posted by jetdoc on December 12th, 2010


Both straightforward and sound, as usual. 12a gets a mention as my favourite clue this week.

1 STOP ‘Pots’ = vessels, reversed
6 INCREMENT *(CERT[a]IN); MEN = workers
10 STONED ONE; D = died; at the side of ST = street
11 MINSTERS ST = saint (someone really good); MINERS = workers with dirty jobs (I’ll let the miners speak for themselves)
12 COLLECTIVE NOUN A charm of goldfinches is the usual collective noun for them. Nice clue.
14 THEORETICIANS *(Creationists he)
16 ALL-IN WRESTLING ALL IN = exhausted; W = wife; REST = take it easy; LING = heather (an evergreen in crossword clues as well as in botanical terms)
21 OPPOSE OP = work; POSE = sit
23 TIER TI[l]ER. Tiers are up there with ling in crossword clues.
1 STATIC Double definition — static electricity; stationary
2 SPINAL PIN = fix; SAL = Sarah. SAL is not in PIN; on the contrary, PIN is in SAL. ‘Backbone’s’ (possessive) is the definition.
3 MIDDLEBROW *(LIBDEM WORD). Well spotted anagram.
4 TERN [s]TERN = rear end without its first letter
7 COME TO THE BOIL Double definition — a boil, or abscess, is a particularly nasty spot; to come to the boil is to reach a critical state.
8 ESTONIA EST = ‘is’ in French; O = old; NI = Northern Ireland, a province; A.
9 TURN-UPS Double definition — some trousers have these; a turn-up for the books is an unexpected, usually pleasant, occurrence.
14 TELLING Double definition — meaningful; the counting of votes (or, outside the polling station, declared voting intentions)
15 EDIFICE ED = man; IF = poem by Rudyard Kipling; I = one; CE = Church of England
17 IMPUTE IMP = troublemaker; [c]UTE. The definition is ‘attribute’ as a verb.
18 GASKET ASK = request; GET = obtain. A gasket is a kind of seal — ‘a canvas band used to bind the sails to the yards when furled; a strip of tow, etc for packing a piston, etc; a layer of packing material, esp a flat sheet of asbestos compound, sometimes between thin copper sheets, used for making gas-tight joints between engine cylinders and heads, etc.’
20 NORM NO Royal Marines, an RM being known as a ‘jolly’

3 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1086: Quixote”

  1. flashling says:

    Didn’t really struggle with this unlike today’s, (12/12) but good fun. Thanks JetDoc

  2. pennes says:

    I enjoy quixote’s puzzles; good and honest cluing and agree 12 ac was a lovely answer.

  3. Dynamic says:

    Very enjoyable. Also liked 12 (learned something) and thought 16 was very neat for such a long charade.

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