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Inquisitor 1155 His Did! by Samuel

Posted by Hihoba on December 15th, 2010


I’m stepping into the shoes of Peter B for this blog as he has work-related problems that prevent him from spending time on this activity. Being retired I don’t, thank goodness!

Most of the puzzle was completed by Ho, and I (Hi) simply added the final touches due to my superior TV knowledge. (I’d told Ho before that he needed to get out less and watch more TV!!)

So, some clues shared a common (but unstated) definition, twelve had an extra letter provided by the wordplay (giving the leading character) and the remainder were normal. A catchphrase was to be identified and highlighted in the grid and an thematic item of clothing (to be written below the grid) was to be found from rejected letters when five clashes were resolved, giving real words in the grid .

Ho had completed most of the clues and discovered that the undefined ones were linked by the definition “mother”, and appeared to have the letters EM inserted in them. He said that the extra letters he had identified seemed to indicate someone called Frank.

My immediate reaction was FRANK SPENCER. Ho asked who this was!! I explained that  he was the star of “Some Mothers do ‘ave ‘em!” and realised that I had found an instant solution to the puzzle. Some of the MOTHERS had ‘EM in them. Catchphrase “OOH BETTY!” was found on the diagonal (top left to bottom right). The item of clothing was bound to be the famous BERET, and the title “His Did!” fitted nicely.

Nice one from Samuel, but a LOT of dictionary work needed for some unusual words (EMPUSAS and ODYLES to mention but two!).

The clashes are resolved as follows:

26A enRapt and 27D Batter – enter R: 27D becomes RATTER, B is discarded

17A Eden and 10D askAnce – enter A: 17A becomes ADEN, E is discarded 

2D ectOderm and 15A k’Ri – enter O: 15A becomes KOI, R is discarded

29A Eche and 27D bAtter – enter A: 29A becomes ACHE, E is discarded

35A odyLes and 33D aTe – enter L: 33D becomes ALE, T is discarded

 1A  GENERAT[EM]RIX  GENE (embarrassment) + soundl like RAT(rnegade) TRICKS (cheats)
 11A  MINNIE  EIN (a German) + NIM (a game) all reversed
 16A  PAREN[EM]T  PA (Maori settlement) + RENT (lease)
 30A  VE[EM]NTER  VENT (sell – obsolete) + ER
 31A  DAM  DAM(p)
 36A  PROGENITRESS  E(nrage) + NIT (fool) in PROGRESS (course)
 20D  MAT[EM]ER  M(ark) + A TER(re)
 25D  MUMMY  MUM (silence) + M(emor)Y
13  STOMAL  Mouthy: STOMA(ch) + L(oser)  
 14  DADOS  F extra: Blocks: DOS (parties) round [F]AD (passing interest)
 15  KRI  Enter KOI: Hebrew reading: hidden
 17  EDEN  Enter ADEN: Country: S(o)W (gutted pig) removed from SWEDEN
 18  DIADROM  R extra: Passing: DI[R](ector) + MORDANT minus NT (books) reversed
 21  NEB-NEB  Bablah pods used for tanning: NEB (beak) repeated
 26  ENRAPT  In ecstasy: [PA(r)TNER]*
 28  EMPUSAS  A extra: Goblins: (t)E[A]M + PUS + AS
 29  ECHE  Enter ACHE: To augment (Shakespeare):  ECH(o) + E(nergy)
 32  EDEMA  N extra: Fluid accumulation: E + DEMA[N](d)
 34  COTYLE  K extra: Drinking cup: C(ider) + O(uzo) + TY[K]E round L(eft)
 35  ODYLES  Forces: [DE(p)LOYS]*
 2  ECTODERM  External layer: [RED COMET]*
 3  NAOI  Temples: uNcAnOnIc
 4  EAMONN  S extra: Irishman: E(nglish) + [MOAN[S]]* + N(orse)
 5  RHAPHES  Junctions: R (take) + HAP (chance) + (c)HES(t)
 6  TIGRINE  Like a wild animal: GRIN (trap) in TIE (common land)
 7  END  P extra: Destroy: [P]END is a passage in Scotland
 8  RIDERS  Jockeys: A(re) removed from ARIDER (more barren) + S(outh)
 9  XYST  E extra: A walk: hidden in poXY S[E]Ttlement
 10  ASKANCE  Sceptically: ASK + ANC(ient) + E(arl)
 12  NANDU  N extra: The rhea (S American ostrich): NAN (nurse) + DU[N] (dingy)
 19  OMPHALOS  C extra: A boss: [C]OMP + HALOS (rings)
 22  BOATMEN  Rowers: O in BATMEN
 23  INTROIT  E extra: Anthem: INT[E]R+ I in OT
 24  SPEEDO  Driving aid: SPEE(l) (Scottish climb) + DO (again – ditto)
 27  BATTER  Enter RATTER: Double meaning
 30  VEEP  R extra: Joe Biden (vice-president): VEE[R] + P(age)
 31  DYKE  Dyke and can are both slang for lavatory: Hidden in laDY KEeps
 33  ATE  Enter ALE: Goddess: (h)ATE

6 Responses to “Inquisitor 1155 His Did! by Samuel”

  1. kenmac says:

    Some would say mind did as well! ;-)

    Thanks Hi,

    I didn’t actually finish this one, I failed to get 36a but I think I got everything else (can’t find my copy for the moment.) :-(

    Good fun puzzle, though thanks to Samuel, it took me several days to stop saying “Ooh Betty!” every time something went awry. And thanks for stepping in at short notice to do the blog.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone. (I work for an American company!)

  2. kenmac says:

    Oops! ^mine did^

  3. Ali says:

    A very nicely worked theme, I thought. I spotted the mother connections fairly early on and then Frank Spencer shortly afterwards, but even though I’m familar with the source material, I convinced myself that the ‘thematic’ item of clothing was going to be another example of the EM in MOTHER idea. This made spotting the clashes harder, not least as this was an absolute bugger of a grid fill which used pretty much every nook and cranny in Chambers. This was one puzzle for which I was happy to cheat and liberally use Bradford’s and the CD-Rom full text search!

  4. Alan Goddard says:

    Very enjoyable just missed the ‘em’ in some of the mothers which was clearly critical. Ooh Betty was a great help as soon as it emerged and really gave beret which led to a resolution of the clashes.

  5. HolyGhost says:

    A slow pace because of some of the vocabulary as Hi says (and thanks to him for blogging at such short notice).

    The entry at 27d was the last to succumb – because it had two clashes – despite my knowing that those clashes had to produce a B & E from BERET.

    Slight quibble with 1a: I’d pronounce it gene-RAY-trix, so not the best homophone.

    And although Chambers doesn’t give the plural of naos as NAOI (3d), and it can be inferred from pronaoi, I was slightly put off by remembering an answer to Dysart’s great puzzle 4007 in The Listener giving it as naoses.

    (Merry pre-Christmas everyone, as Duncan’s blogging for me next week – off to Damascus, assuming I get to Heathrow …)

  6. scarpia says:

    Thanks Hihoba.
    I didn’t do too well on this one,only solving just over half the clues – I can’t seem to get on Samuel’s wavelength.
    Even if I had solved more of the clues,I would never have got the theme,as my knowledge of old TV shows is non existent!

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