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Financial Times 13,561 – Mudd

Posted by Uncle Yap on December 16th, 2010

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 5 December 2010
Quite a pleasant surprise to see John Halpern aka Paul of the Guardian in this Monday slot. Like all week-opener in the FT, this one is quite entertaining and easy

1 PLAUSIBLE *(pill abuse)
6 BUDGE Ins of G (good) in BUDE (a small seaside resort town in North Cornwall, England)
9 PASTE Ins of S (spades) in PATE (head)
10 PRINCIPLE Sounds like PRINCIPAL (highest)
11 ROCK HUDSON ROCK (rockfish or fishes that live among rocks) HUDSON Bay – Roy Harold Scherer, Jr. (1925–1985), known professionally as Rock Hudson, was an American film and television actor, recognised as a romantic leading man during the 1950s and 1960s
12 STUN Rev of NUTS (heads)
15 ETHICAL *(cheat I) + L (left)
17 TREFOIL Ins of REF (referee or decision maker) in TOIL (work)
19 GERMANY Cha of GERM (origin) ANY (unspecified)
20 SUMO SUM (problem) O (old) What a hilarious def, slappers fighting and it is quite true if you have seen a bout when these wrestlers throw salt and slap their thighs before engaging
25 INTRODUCE *(reduction) with fodder playing the role as anagrind as well
26 ADORN ADO (trouble) RN (Royal Navy)
27 THEFT The FT (Financial Times) Property is theft! (French: La propriété, c’est le vol!) is a slogan coined by French anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in his 1840 book What is Property? Or, an Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government.
28 RESIDENCY Presidency, high office minus P

1 PIPER Ins of P (pence or little money) in PIER (construction over the water)
2 ASSOCIATE Ins of I (island) in *(COAST SEA)
3 STEPHENSON Cha of STEP (walk) HEN (female) SON (boy) George Stephenson (1781–1848), British mechanical engineer who created Stephenson’s Rocket, the first steam locomotive in Newcastle in 1829
4 BIPEDAL Ins of P (quiet) in *(ABLE I’D) having two feet
5 EPITOME Cha of EP (extended play record) I TOME (single volume)
6 BUCK dd
7 DEPOT Rev of TOPED (drunk)
8 ETERNALLY E (English) TERN (bird) ALLY (friend)
13 CHARGE CARD Charge (stampede) Card (eccentric)
16 CRACKDOWN Cha of CRACK (drug) DOWN (swallow)
18 LACQUER LAC (rev of CALifornia state) QUERY (question) minus Y
19 GIBLETS Ins of B (first letter of Budge) in GILETS (jackets) Extra meat, what an original def for the entrails
21 MITRE dd pointed headdress worn by bishops; joint (also mitre-joint) in which each piece is cut at an angle of 45degree to its side, giving a right angle between the pieces)
23 RANGY RANG (called as in telephoned) Y (last letter of skinnY)
24 PORT dd left-hand side in nautical terms; wine named after Oporto, Portugal

Key to abbreviations
dd = double definition
dud = duplicate definition
tichy = tongue-in-cheek type
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

One Response to “Financial Times 13,561 – Mudd”

  1. Jan says:

    Thanks, Uncle Yap. I, too, loved 20, when I finally solved it – a huge chuckle here.

    My only qualm is the use of drunk rather than drank for toped. It may be grammatically correct but it sounds clunky as a verb.

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