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Independent 7544 by Radian

Posted by nmsindy on 20th December 2010


A themed puzzle from Radian as was clear from a first look at the clues with a lot of them referring to the answer at 13.

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Guardian Quiptic 579 / Moley

Posted by Big Dave on 20th December 2010

Big Dave.

There are a few seasonal answers in this otherwise very ordinary crossword. As with the previous Moley puzzle that I reviewed, there are several extra words thrown in purely for the surface reading.

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Guardian 25,198 / Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 20th December 2010


Another Christmas cracker from Rufus.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 432 – Bitchy

Posted by beermagnet on 20th December 2010


My subscription copy of this issue did turn up –  a week late.  A little bit of snow and the world stops round here.  And with much more snow on the ground as I blog this, I don’t hold out many hopes of seeing the next issue before Xmas – but I will make sure I get a copy as I’m keen to see what theme Cyclops has picked for us in the Giant Xmas Special this year. My prediction is names from the “Pseudo names” letters section.  The Eye seems to have hit on an inexhaustible supply from willing contributors such as Rachel Discrimination and Jack Hughes. Read the rest of this entry »

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