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Guardian Quiptic 579 / Moley

Posted by Big Dave on December 20th, 2010

Big Dave.

There are a few seasonal answers in this otherwise very ordinary crossword. As with the previous Moley puzzle that I reviewed, there are several extra words thrown in purely for the surface reading.


9a CHRISTMAS – an anagram (involved) of SMITH’S CAR gives this topical festival

10a ANGELsomeone who sponsors theatrical ventures is a charade of AN (indefinite article) followed by (on – a construct that is ambiguous in across clues) LEG (member) reversed (setback)

11a SUGAR – an anagram (new) of GUAR(D)S without the D (Daughter ignored) gives a sweetener

12a GLORIFIED – GLORIED (exulted} with IF inside gives a word meaning honoured

13a See 8d

14a TWITTER – a double definition

17a BLOOM – put L(iberal) inside BOOM (profitable times) to get a verb meaning to flourish

19a WED – a double definition – marry (get together) and WED(nesday), short day

20a GORGE – G (Greek capital) and an anagram (different) of ERGO gives a canyon

21a ENTHRAL – a verb meaning to transport is a charade of ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat / hospital department) and the initial letters (originally) of Had Recommended A Laryngectomy

22a CHARITY – put CHARY (wary) around IT to get love or affection

24a EPICENTER – ENTER (come in) following EPIC (heroic work) gives the American spelling (in the US) of the midpoint of a geological disturbance

26a ICING – take K and K (two thousand) out of (K)IC(K)ING to get this cake topping

28a AVERS – a word meaning maintains is an anagram (perhaps) of SAVER

29a DONATELLO – a charade of DONATE (give) LL (two pounds) and O (love / a score of zero in tennis) gives this Italian sculptor (and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!)


1d ACTS – a double definition – takes steps and a book of the Bible

2d FRIGID – a charade of F (Female / woman) and RIGID (stiff) gives an adjective meaning cold

3d ASTRONOMER – this physicist is an anagram (mistake) of MOST RARE NO

4d IMAGES – put IS around (occupied by) MAGE (sage) to get these pictures

5d ASSORTED – a word meaning mixed up is a charade of ASS (fool), OR, TE (Lawrence of Arabia) and D(ied)

6d MAGI – these clever chaps brought three gifts, of gold, frankincense and myrrh, to Jesus

7d AGLITTER – a charade of AG (the chemical symbol for silver) and LITTER (debris) gives a word meaning glowing

8d,13a GLAD TIDINGS – this seasonally good news is a charade of G(ood) LAD (boy) TI (chemical symbol for titanium) and DINGS (rings)

13d TABLE – put LE, the French definite article, after TAB, an American word for a bill to get an item of furniture

15d INGRATIATE – put an INGRATE (thankless person) around (covering) IAT (Inbuilt, Active and Tendency initially) to get a verb meaning to toady or soft-soap

16d REEDY – take LL (two pounds for the second time today) from E(L)DER(L)Y and an anagram (criminal) of what remains gives an adjective meaning with a piping voice

18d OUTSIDER – ED (editor / a journalist) is reversed (promoted, a down clue construct) inside (protected by) an anagram (new) of SUITOR to give a stranger

19d WELL-TO-DO – an anagram (about) of TELL WOOD gives a word meaning affluent!

22d CORONA – a double definition

23d ICICLE – this frozen drip is a charade of IC IC (In Charge twice) and LE (The in French)

24d ELAN – this synonym for flair is hidden inside (displayed) in melancholy

25d EAST – an anagram (drunk) of TEAS gives this compass point

27d GLOW – an anagram (for a change) of LOG is followed by W (West / compass bearing) to get a verb meaning delivering warmth

Merry Christmas to all – I’ll be back in the New Year.

4 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 579 / Moley”

  1. Robi says:

    Thanks Moley and Big Dave for your nice pictorial blog. I got 21a erroneously as a charade of ENT, (H)ospital and the origin (reversed?) of LARyngectomy, so thanks for putting me straight. Seasons Greetings; have a good one (or two)!

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you Dave for the clear blog (and pix!)

    I liked this one: it all fell into place pretty straightforwardly, as a Quiptic should, but there were some nice touches. Today I specially liked ICING, ENTHRAL and the seasonal GLAD TIDINGS.

    I know what you mean about the surplus words or slightly verbose surfaces we sometimes get in the Quiptic, but I think when you’re trying to produce an accessible puzzle for beginners that can perhaps be forgiven. Since Stella prodded us in the direction of the Quiptics, I’ve certainly enjoyed the gentle start to a Monday morning that they provide.

  3. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks for the blog, Dave. Had a busy day yesterday, so I didn’t look at this till this morning, but I enjoyed it, though my first entry was half-way through the acrosses. After that, it was pretty plain sailing, with plenty of seasonal cheer.

    I liked the anagram fodder for 9ac., and on counting, I find at least half the answers have some sort of relevence to the time of year.

    I think 2d. is a not very charitable &lit-

  4. Derek Lazenby says:

    Finally got round to this, because I thought there would be no prize puzzle today, I see I was wrong!

    Hah, I didn’t understand where the last bit of ASSORTED came from because I couldn’t see what TED had to do with it! I really should have been able to see it as TE D. Slapped wrist. Still it didn’t stop the answer going in!

    And as this is the right day for it, Merry Xmas to the hardy bunch of Quiptic-ites.

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