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Private Eye/Cyclops 432 – Bitchy

Posted by beermagnet on December 20th, 2010


My subscription copy of this issue did turn up –  a week late.  A little bit of snow and the world stops round here.  And with much more snow on the ground as I blog this, I don’t hold out many hopes of seeing the next issue before Xmas – but I will make sure I get a copy as I’m keen to see what theme Cyclops has picked for us in the Giant Xmas Special this year. My prediction is names from the “Pseudo names” letters section.  The Eye seems to have hit on an inexhaustible supply from willing contributors such as Rachel Discrimination and Jack Hughes.

7 MOONWALK MOON (Show one’s behind) WALK (constitutional steps) DEF: as Michael Jackson would do
8 GROTTO ROT (balls) inside GOT* AInd: hurt.
I took my two youngest to see Santa in ‘is Grotto at the local garden centre yesterday. Good grief, what a godforsaken job. Santa’s I mean. The eldest (10) was very keen to go, but only for avaricious reasons it turned out. He rejected several parting presents “Got that”, “Don’t want that” “Too small” etc. till Santa eventually let him rummage in his sack to get rid of him. [Please someone tell me it’s not just my kids that’re like this.]
11 RISEN Hidden in labouR IS ENjoying
12 ROOSEVELT ROOS (short jumpers – kangaroos) EVE (first lady) L[arge] T[itillate]
13/17 CONSENSUS POLITICS CONS (Archer and Aitken once), (COUNSEL’S TIP IS)* AInd: to reform Def: Hardly Thatcher’s style. Last I wrote in – I’d had POLITICS in place for some time but needed all the crossing letters of CONSENSUS to see it, particularly the C from 1D EMBRACE (penultimate answer)
16 HOOP-LA A L[ine] POO H all reversed
18 SPLINT N[ew] inside SPLIT (break) Suggestive Def: It keeps a member rigid
21 OFFAL OFF (In bad taste) AL (Clinton’s vice – Gore) Top Clue here with its allusion to the prurient press:
In bad taste, Clinton’s vice – just what the circling vultures want? (5)
22 BEERBELLY (BEEB REALLY – A)* AInd: pisspoor. I didn’t have much trouble with this – the answer, that is.
24 MARY TUDOR (TORY A MUD)* AInd: splattered then R[ight] Def: Old queen
26 TOWEL Hidden in toTO WE Lose. the answer seemed very clear at the time, but now I revisit it, I wonder if I just assume the word “Throw” in there somewhere:
In toto, we lose, as the Aussie’s thrash us? (5)
27 NOTICE IT (sex) reversed inside (ONCE)* AInd: possibly Def: Bill
28 ON THE RUN (RT HON EU ‘N'(and casually))* AInd: involved Def: at large
1 EMBRACE E[cstasy] M[inute] BRA (underwear) C (about) [jun]E Def: hold
3 TWINGE G[uardian] inside TWINE
4 CLARISSA CLAR[e] (Ref: Clare Short) IS AS< Def: A novel (by Samuel Richardson – one of the longest novels in the English language)
5 FREEFALL REEF (main obstacle) inside FALL Def: a rapid decline
6 LOW TIDE ([d]ILDO WET)* AInd: bedraggled Noce Def: When boat hits bottom?
9/19 THE COMMONS CO MM (company millions) inside (HONEST)* AInd: unlikely
10/22 DOGSBODY DOGS (boxers possibly) BODY (stiff) Def: Lackey
15 SUNFLOWERS SUN (tabloid) FLOWER (Lily, say) S[unday] Def: Very expensive picture (There is not just one version of this:  Several Sunflowers by VvG)
18 SWEARING EAR (organ) inside SWING (rock) Def: promising
20 CYCLONE ON (working) inside CYCLE (Tebbit’s famous advice) Def: Twister!
23 BITCHY IT (the thingy) CH[ain] inside BY (through) Def: nasty
25/14 RAT-ARSED RAT (bum) ARSE (bum) D[ead] Def: tight

Bernard Matthews Funeral Arrangements:
Norwich Crematorium. Gas Mark 6 for 4 Hours. Family request:  Sage and Onion wreaths only.

9 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 432 – Bitchy”

  1. mc_rapper67 says:

    beermagnet – if the postie can’t get your copy to you on time, try online:;
    (no login or password required. not particularly printer-friendly, but at least it is normally there by the day after the official publication date)

  2. sidey says:

    It’s available much earlier (often on Tuesday) here It works well with Across Lite

  3. beermagnet says:

    Thanks both. I think the Xmas special crossword is a bit, err, special, as it is not on the web page or in that directory yet, and I doubt that it will be in that directory as previous Christmases nos. 407 & 381 are missing. The 27×27 must be treated differently. But the good news is the new issue is in the shops and has even arrived at Chez Magnet! I was wrong with my guess – it’s a Pseuds Corner theme this year.

  4. simatrod says:

    consensus politics was the last one I got as well (and I’m still not sure I understand why it’s right!)

    I was pleased that this crossword only took me 4 days to complete – something of a record for me.

    However, I am not holding out much hope for completing the Christmas one. I never pay too much attention to the Pseuds Corner names.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. mc_rapper67 says:

    ho hum – still waiting for my subscription copy in the wilds of ‘Ampshire.

    I see they have managed to squeeze the grid for the Christmas special onto:;

    but not quite all the clues – it stops at 13D…which leaves a bit of guesswork?!?

  6. sidey says:

    A nice person’s typed the rest of the clues here

  7. mc_rapper67 says:

    thanks sidey – and in fact the full set of clues is now on the Private Eye site as well – not sure if that was in response to my feedback to them, but an impressively quick correction all the same…

  8. fearsome says:

    Still waiting for my copy in Canterbury, and some Xmas presents as it happens. Have had to use the web version and only got the rest of the clues yesterday. I have just managed to finish it this morning although still need to double check the pseuds corner names.

  9. beermagnet says:

    fearsome, I fear I had to remove your most recent comment.
    We don’t provide answers to prize puzzles, or equivalent.

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