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Independent 7546 by DAC

Posted by flashling on December 22nd, 2010


The days are getting longer hurrah, soon be summer, Here’s a DAC to warm us up. As usual with DAC there doesn’t appear to be a theme or Nina.

I’ve got a stinking headcold today so bear with me if I’ve made a few tyops.
1 Rebecca  –  RE + hom (Boris) BECKER
5 Angelic   – ANGELIC(a)
9 Daily Mail –  Left wing newspaper(!?), hardly. (I’M A LADY)* + I(nternational) L(eft wing)
10 Tosca   – Hidden in (contral)TOS CA(st) – a 24 see 24
11 Cheese Straw   – (HE SECRET WAS)*
13 Hub   – HUB(by)
14 Lube  –  Hidden in (nightc)LUB E(ntertainment)
16/18 The boys are back in town. – Very nice clue, we have Roy reversed in YOR(k), Eric reversed in CIRE(ncester) and lad reversed in (Roch)DAL(e)
19 Utah   – Alternate letters in Us TrAsH
22 Nob  – Double def
23 Archdeacons  – A RC + (HEAD)* + CONS
25 Avail  – A + hom VEIL
27 Endower  – END + OWER
28 Garland –  Judy, flowers and
1 Radical – Radi(x) + CAL
2 Brice   – BR(itish) + ICE
3 Coyest  – YES in COT
4 Anaesthetic  – AN + AESTHETIC
5 Awl   – hom of ALL
6 Getaways – GET AWAY + S(chool)
7 Lose Heart – hom LOOS + HE + ART (dubious graffiti)
8 Chambre – Of wine, being at room temperature. C + H + AM(erican) BRE(w)
12 Ruby Wedding – RUB + (happ)Y + WEDDING (ring)
15 Backboard – No L in  B(l)ACKBOARD
17 Disallow – DI + SALLOW a type of Willow
18 Bandage – BAND + AGE
20 Hassled – HAS SLED
21 Career – E in CARER
24 Opera – (ROPE)* + A (first class) – see 10
26 BAR  – Double Def.

18 Responses to “Independent 7546 by DAC”

  1. scchua says:

    Thanks flashling, for the blog, and Dac for another fine puzzle.

    Something for everyone in the references: 2 American entertainers, opera, wine, hard rock, film.

    Re 12D RUBY WEDDING, I’ve got another parsing: RUB + (happ)Y + WED(nesday) + DING (=ring).

    Favourites were 1A REBECCA, 16 18A THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN, a nicely constructed wordplay, and 20D HASSLED, a simple but effective construction.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, flashling, and Dac for the puzzle. Another excellent one, I agree with scchua about RUBY WEDDING but the definition and enumeration gave it to me well before I worked out the wordplay. When I saw the clue for THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN I said “What could all that mean?”. So it was very pleasing to see it and that was a big step towards solving. I too liked HAS SLED a lot, good time of year for it too.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Are we all on the Mary Celeste today? Thank you, flashling, for the blog. I really enjoyed this one this morning. It was Dac’s usual fine surfaces and clueing, but he excelled today with ANAESTHETIC, THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN and the singularly appropriate HASSLED.

    I’m sure I’ve put ANGELICA into a crossword at least twice this week already. I smiled at NOB for Jack: my Dad was a decent crib player and I remember as a young kid being surprised by the call of ‘one for his nob’ during the game, since that’s a homophone no-one could disagree with.

    I like all the Indy setters; there’s hardly ever a poor crossword in the paper. But if I had my Desert Island Discs choice to make, where I could only take the puzzles of one of them with me as a castaway, it’d be Dac’s.

  4. sidey says:

    2 would have been fairer as ‘Obscure American…’. The rest was ok though.

  5. NealH says:

    I was a bit frustrated by 2 down. I couldn’t see any other options apart from brice, but was totally unable to locate the Brice that Dac had in mind, despite searching Wikipedia and googling. Finally, I waited until I got home so that I could type it into the online grid to see if the message flashed up to say I’d completed the puzzled. I was also a bit unsure about chambre, being half convinced that the answer might be chambee[r]. But I really liked 16/18 and 11 was a lovely, barbed (possible) &lit.

  6. nmsindy says:

    BRICE – I pencilled that in immediately from the wordplay which I guess Dac deliberately made very easy. It meant nothing to me, but, Googling Brice and entertainer together instantly explained it and I was not too unhappy to have learned something new (or indeed old…).

  7. flashling says:

    Ahh I seem to have forgotten 26A which is (weed)* in brill – bridewell which used to be a prison in London, apologies.

  8. nmsindy says:

    It was a general name for a prison too, originating with that one I guess.

  9. flashling says:

    BTW if someone could give me a hint on how to improve the layout, everything I try gets stripped out by the site. Also don’t try to post blogs using IE9 (beta) – the site won’t let you or if it randomly does, then change anything. I’ve had a few problems over the last month or so.

  10. scarpia says:

    Thanks flashling.
    I liked your “tyops” joke.
    I thought this was a brilliant puzzle,even by Dac’s high standards.9 and 16/18 across and 4 and 20 down were great clues and as usual with this setter there is not one complaint from anybody here.
    Tosca must be the most clued opera in crosswords but,unsurprisingly,I don’t have a problem with that!

  11. NealH says:

    I suspect Aida runs it a close second.

  12. Andy B says:

    having lurked on this site for some months, an early new year resolution to comment occasionally. I solved this one on a rail journey from Chesterfield to York. Had to infer 2 down but did so in one of the few spots on the rail network where my phone to take me online, so I was able to confirm on wikipedia. I found this one of the most satisfying crosswords I have tackled for some time, and at 16/18 across I felt I would have liked to tell the whole carriage just what a fine clue this was. I als enjoyed the wholly legitimate nod to a “left wing” newspaper in teeing up the ref to that rag for the stupid and the unkind.

  13. eimi says:

    Welcome to the commentariat, Andy, and that’s a very good description of the Daily Mail.

  14. Allan_C says:

    No comments to add, nmsindy, but if Gaufrid will let me get away with going off-topic, hope your cold is better. But, as they say, a cold lasts a week if you treat it and 7 days if you don’t. The boring treatment is paracetamol but a more intersting alternative ia a good stiff whisky/brandy/rum or whatever. Cheers!

  15. nmsindy says:

    I think those sympathetic remarks, Allan_C, were intended for flashling, not me – I’ve been lucky enough to miss out on anything like that cold.

  16. flashling says:

    @allan #14 well I’ve run out of paracetemol… I’ve also had good reports for a port/brandy mix, pub 50 yards away is open, so practical test of the theory is in order methinks.

  17. Allan_C says:

    nms and flashling

    Oops! A senior moment, I suspect. Anyway, get well soon flashling, and I certainly wouldn’t wish a cold on you, nms!

  18. flashling says:

    @Andy B #12 welcome to the site and thanks for the comment, felt the same way about the boys clue. As for the poisonous publication I was forced to name, I’m sorry. Censorship is wrong, but it did cross my mind :-)

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