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Independent 7543 (Sat 18-Dec) Nestor

Posted by beermagnet on December 25th, 2010


Some inventive wordplay in several of the clues within this grid. So much so I have difficulty describing constructions such as 25A JEST (super-definition?) and 19D OBERON (un-hidden? regularly-hidden?). As usual with Nestor the clues are very sound once the construction is seen. And quite accessible in the main – I see I made a note that I had 10 on the first pass – mind you that was quite a slow first pass – I needed a refill at that point. In the end the last few, particularly in the bottom half were much more of a challenge.

Help needed with wordplay for 10A

Though the answers will not be in the paper till January 1st the solutions needed to be in by Thursday 23rd, so I’m publishing this as usual on the following Saturday which is 25th Dec when something must be happening to stop normal publication, can’t think what (Bah humbug).

7 CALL CENTRE LL (lines) CENT (money) inside CARE (attention) Def: You should get attention … here
9 AGOG GO (work) inside AG (silver) Nice “surround-indicator”: plated
10 RAG TRADE DART< (tapered tuck) inside RAGE or maybe EGAR? And how does that mean Industry, or fashion? And is the Def. Fashion or Industry, or is it an &lit?
Industry bringing tapered tuck back into fashion? (3,5)
11 DAMNED (DEMAND)* AInd: Unusual
12 SHIRTY SH (wrap up) [d]IRTY (headless rude) Def: cross
14 EFFUSION FF U (folios University) inside NOISE< (row about)
15 GO THE DISTANCE GOTH (barbarian) SIDE< (team contrarily) TAN (wallop) CE (Anglicans)
18 FREAK-OUT (FOUR TAKE)* AInd: Fantastic Def: a trip (in the 1968 sense I presume – cue Frank Zappa music)
20 MIGHTY Homophone “My tea” A real groaner
22 ALCOVE C[aught] inside A LOVE (A sweetheart)
23 PITILESS TILES (flooring) inside P[ressure] IS
25 JEST MA(JEST)Y DEF: Such playfulness. Wordplay construction is put the answer in MAY to make “Supreme dignity” MAJESTY
26 OXYGEN TENT OX (steer), then GENT (man) inside YEN (long), T[ime]. Def: Device to enrich atmosphere. That very precise def. fooled me – I was thinking of perfumes such as pot pourri initially.
1 LAVA LAV (bog – toilet) A[rea]
2 ULSTER (LUSTRE)* AInd: strange. Particularly well worn anagram here
3 TERABYTE Hidden reveresed in “VariETY BARE Thighs”
4 GELDOF GELD (cut) OF (from) Def ref: Peaches Geldof
5 PARMESAN PAR (standard) S[mall] inside MEAN (average)
6 COME TO REST COMET (space traveller) [f]OREST (Trees topped)
8 THE DEVIL TO PAY HE’D (the boy had) EVIL (bad) TOP (head) all in TAY (river)
13 HIGH ROLLER HIGH (Gamy) ROLLER (pigeon) Def: better with extravagence – as in high stakes, high risk gambler. I had the look up to check that a Roller is a type of pigeon.
16 TRAVOLTA LOV[e] (affection mostly) inside TART (scrubber) all reversed, then A.  Def. actor.  Tricky
17 TOMATOEY T[ang]O, then O (circle) inside MATEY (intimate) Last one in because I couldn’t see the wordplay till doing the blog – the “Tango, extremely” to give TO fooled me as I though Tango was simply delivering the T.
19 OBERON Innovative wordplay here: Adding two sets of three letters to OBERON makes OBlitERatiON
21 GELATO TALE< (pork pie – CRS for lie) inside GO (attempt) Def: dessert. I spent ages trying o make something with TRY and LIE.
24 SUNK SUN (tabloid) K[elvin] Def: ruined

3 Responses to “Independent 7543 (Sat 18-Dec) Nestor”

  1. jmac says:

    Hi Beermagnet. I read 10 across as dart reversed inside rage, with rage = fashion (all the rage) and rag trade being the industry.

    A very tricky puzzle as your excellent blog makes clear. Made the mistake of putting “Tomatoes” in 17 down. JEST was very hard to get, but the great thing with Nestor is that you know the puzzle is fair and you just have to beaver away at it to see all the subleties.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Great, inventive, puzzle, this, v hard. Favourite clue CALL CENTRE. Thanks, Nestor, and beermagnet. And as jmac says, everything is fair.

  3. Scarpia says:

    Thanks Beermagnet.
    Very tough and very clever puzzle with some brilliant clue constructions.
    25 was the ultimate sticking point for me,I kept trying to fit ZEST to the wordplay.It was only on looking again the following day that the penny dropped.
    Love the Zappa link – they don’t make ’em like that any more!

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