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Financial Times 13,580 / Sleuth

Posted by Gaufrid on December 30th, 2010


 Smiffy has been caught up in the aftermath of the recent blizzards in the US and is still trying to get home after his Christmas break so you will have to put up with me again today.

I have a couple of quibbles today, the use of ‘worn’ as an anagram indicator in 29ac and REM being indicated by ‘sleep’ in 17dn. However, these were offset by a few decent surfaces (8dn in particular) and 14dn raised a wry grin despite its simplicity.

1 CARAFE A F (fine) in CARE (worry)
4 RHODESIA HO[r]DES (crowds right away) in AIR (broadcast) reversed – Ian Smith, Prime Minister of the unrecognised African country that declared UDI in 1965.
10 DEBRIEF DEB (one who came out) I (island) in REF (official)
11 LAWSUIT LAW[n] (grass cut) SUIT (clubs, say)
12 LILY L[ean] I[nside] L[arge] Y[ard]
13 MARTIAL ART homophone of ‘marshal’ (arrange) [p]ART (role lacking power)
15 ANIMUS SUM[o] (wrestler mostly) IN A reversed
16 AMPHORA [c]AMPHOR (oil not initially visible) A – a two-handled jar used by the Greeks and Romans for holding liquids.
24 PEDESTRIAN *(TIRADES) in PEN (writer)
26 BRIE BRI[d]E (woman in union taking day off)
28 RED CARD REDCAR (racecourse) D (director)
29 USTINOV *(SUIT) NOV[a] (star, not a) – Peter Ustinov – ‘worn’ as an anagram indicator?
31 CARTEL CARTEr (former president) with ‘r’ changed to ‘L’ – Jimmy Carter.
1 CADILLAC C (constant) CALL (term) IDA (woman) reversed
2 REBELLION *(BEER) NO (number) ILL (difficulty) reversed
3 FOIL FO[ss]IL (very old type ignoring ship)
5 HALF-TIME HALF (a drink) TIME (period inside)
7 SAUNA A [s]UN (a source of heat releasing a bit of sweat) in SA (it) &lit
8 ASTUTE AS (like) TUTE[e] (someone who’s received lessons endlessly)
9 OFFAL OF (from) FAL (river) – River Fal.
14 QUEENSLAND N (northern) in QUEEN’S LAD (Edward perhaps)
17 REMBRANDT REM (sleep) BRAND (kind) T[emperament] – REM is an abbreviation for ‘rapid eye movement’, a phenomenom  which occurs during sleep rather than sleep itself, so I think this part of the wordplay is a little dubious.
18 HARRIDAN homophone of ‘harry’ (annoy) DAN (desperate character) – Desperate Dan.
22 SPIRIT dd
23 VALUE U (for all to see) in VALE[t] (servant short of time)
25 DODGE D (duke) in DOGE (foreign magistrate once)
27 ETNA E[s]T[o]N[i]A[n]

8 Responses to “Financial Times 13,580 / Sleuth”

  1. bamberger says:

    I am convinced that the setter composed the lhs and rhs at different times when in different moods. I more or less wrote in the rhs but only got 1a, 12a, 20a & 14d from the lhs. That said , I should have got 30a. Just stared blankly at the ones I couldn’t get with no idea of what was wanted.
    Thanks for the blog-as usual makes it all clear though 25d is a bit tricky is you haven’t heard of doge.

  2. Ramasamy says:

    Hi Gaufrid

    Reg 29A, I see no problem. We frequently come across ‘wear’ as an anagram indicator, to mean ‘corrode’ in the cryptic reading. Please confirm if that is what you had meant.

  3. Ramasamy says:

    I have a quibble and a doubt. There is no indication in 4A for being a definition with an example. Quite a number of nations would have had a ‘Smith’ at the helm.

    The doubt is whether there should be any special indicator in the clue when using an example to define a part of the word. For example, in 15A, the usage of ‘wrestler’ for ‘SUMO’. If the answer is no, will the setter be justified in using ‘sleep’ for ‘REM’, given the existence of a ‘REM sleep’ in the Chambers?

    Will greatly appreciate clarification :)

  4. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Ramasamy
    For me, ‘wear’ and ‘corrode’ both indicate that something is being reduced in size or thickness rather than being mixed up or broken up and reassembled.

  5. Gaufrid says:

    Hi again Ramasamy
    I take your point regarding 4ac. Initially I tried to think of a synonym of ‘forge’ that was 8 letters long so there was some misdirection in the clue but I was convinced that HO[r]DES had to be part of the answer and I’m (un?)fortunate to be old enough to remember the UDI.

    With regard to 15ac, I should perhaps have expressed a qualm about this one as well. SUMO is a type of wrestling, the wrestler is a ‘sumotori’ so I suppose the answer should really be ANIROTOMUS.

  6. nmsindy says:

    You’re probably right there (15a), Gaufrid, but I think the phrase ‘sumo wrestler’ is pretty common and I’d say that would justify it all right. Pleasing puzzle, favourite clues BRIE, RED CARD, FOIL.

  7. Tony Welsh says:

    My quibble of the day was with 21a. I have not come across “a” for “about” before. Usually “c” or “re”.

    I did not quite finish, having problem with top left. (Would you believe I am a car nut living in the US but could not come up with Cadillac?) I was almost convinced that 12a was Osly — L (start of lean) inside OS(large) Y(ard) — which is a river (“flower”) in Catalunya according to a Spanish language site I found! But then the clue would have been “start” rather than “starts”, so I did not put it in. No excuse really.

  8. Mark Allen says:

    On 1dn, I parsed it c = constant term, woman = Callida

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