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Guardian 25,197 (Christmas Jumbo, Sat 18 Dec)/Araucaria – Moonlight departure

Posted by rightback on 1st January 2011


Solving time: 45 mins

This Christmas special from Araucaria included several literary works, mostly with religious connotations, as referenced in the preamble. The Kipling character was Yellow Dog Dingo, the two phrases were 1dn (SAVING GRACE) and 25ac (FOUNT OF ALL WISDOM), the novelist was Virginia Woolf and the rest were novels apart from the film at 27ac, Ill Met By Moonlight; I’d heard of about half of these. I’m not sure I’ve fully understood the thematic relationships, though, particularly as to where Little Dorrit, Virginia Woolf and the dingo fit in.

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Inquisitor index: 2011

Posted by HolyGhost on 1st January 2011


Puzzles 1158 – 1210
Highlight quoted spaces to reveal a puzzle’s real title, e.g. “Cruciverbalist

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