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Independent 7555 by Raich

Posted by NealH on January 3rd, 2011


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def, sp=spoonerism

I swapped this blogging spot with NMSIndy, which in retrospect is rather fortunate, as it would otherwise have left him with a rather too easy blog :) . It was a very enjoyable puzzle with some great clues and a mini-theme of William Joyce, who was hanged on today’s date in 1946.
It was mostly on the easy side, although I had to work quite hard at 1 down, as it’s a word I’ve only ever seen in books and never had to pronounce. There may be a NINA which I haven’t fully seen – the word “absent” appears on the 5th row from the bottom.

1 Germany: Man in grey*.
5 Calling: DD – trade used here as a noun in the sense of one’s profession.
9 Easterner: [Becam]e + a sterner.
10 Sleet: Lee in st.
11 Sure Footed: (Refuse to do)*.
13 Free: DD.
15 William Joyce: &lit. (J[ur]y low malice I)*.
17 Denbighshire: (Be her shindig)*.
20 Shed: DD.
21 Lord Haw-Haw: (A drawl how H[itler])*. Again, a nice &lit aspect to the secondary clue, referencing Joyce’s distinctive voice.
25 Epoch: Cope< + H.
26 Terminate: (Inter team)*.
28 Treason: Trea[sure] + son.
29 Monthly: (Hymn + Lot)*.
1 Gneiss: Hom of nice. It’s probably coincidental, but the word nice also appears in the second row.
2 Riser: RI + ser[ene].
3 Ace of clubs: CD/DD.
4 Yen: DD (bread=money).
5 Carve: Care around v(ery).
6 Lass: [C]lass.
7 Idee Recue: (EU decree I)*.
8 Gather: The in rag*. Very smooth surface reading.
12 Owing: O + win + g[irl].
14 Domination: Do nation around m[embers’] i[nterests].
15 Woebegone: W(est) + o[ppose] + E(ast) + beg + one.
16 Mused: Muse (= one inspiring) + d.
18 Assent: A s(ociety) + sent (=excited).
19 Tweedy: DD. Original name of Cheryl Cole, who still currently uses the name in spite of her divorce from Ashley.
22 Often: DD – “of ten”.
23 Heath: Heat over h(usband).
24 Thus: [En]thus[ed]. Another very neat clue.
27 Ram: R(oyal) A(cademician) + m(arried).

7 Responses to “Independent 7555 by Raich”

  1. scchua says:

    Thanks Neal for the blog and Raich for a relaxed puzzle, though the anniversary was unknown to me.

    Favourites were 21A LORD HAW HAW, a clever &lit, bringing Hitler in, 14D DOMINATION, also an &lit I think, and perhaps an allusion to the theme, and 15D WOEBEGONE, for which, btw, you’ve got a typo – a missing E(ast) after WO.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, Neal.

    Very enjoyable puzzle from Raich. I found it mostly straightforward, but there were many well-constructed clues to savour, in particular the &lits. There seemed to be a lot of anagrams in the acrosses, but there were some clever ones included. Elsewhere I liked THUS and GATHER (I think it’s a reversal of RAG rather than an anagram, btw).

    Interesting theme as well. Apart from GERMANY CALLING across the top row I can’t see anything else; ABSENT is as you say there too, but I can’t see why.

    All good stuff, thank you Raich.

  3. sidey says:

    What an odd anniversary to mark. Other than that, rather good.

  4. flashling says:

    Given 1d, I see nice at the start of row 2… very enjoyable Raich, thankyou.

  5. Wil Ransome says:

    We are coming to expect a pleasant crossword from Raich. For me at any rate, the right level of difficulty, ie fairly easy but one or two clues that gave some cause for thought. Had never heard of an idee recue, so that was a bit hard even though it was obviously an anagram, and gneiss had to be dredged from somewhere at the back of my mind. Had never heard of Cheryl Tweedy. Wasn’t sure that musing (in 16dn) really had anything to do with gazing, but no doubt someone will tell me that it does in some dictionary. Lots of very nice clues here.

  6. Allan_C says:

    Wil, I suppose one could equate musing with navel-gazing?

  7. Raich says:

    Many thanks, NealH, for the blog and to all for their comments. I confirm that the thematic items were GERMANY CALLING (WJ’s signature) in the top row, 15 ac and the two other clues referring to 15 ac. Collins gives muse = gaze thoughtfully.

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