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Financial Times 13,585 / Mudd

Posted by shuchi on 7th January 2011


A gentle, entertaining puzzle with high number of double definition clues, many that we need to “lift and separate” to read the definitions independently (27A, 5D). The bottom half of the grid makes enough food and drink references to whet your appetite, though it’s probably coincidence rather than a theme.

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Guardian 25,213 / Araucaria

Posted by Eileen on 7th January 2011


Thanks again for the swap, Mark! 😉

I found some parts of this a bit tricky, so there were several smiles and ahas, for me, when the penny did drop. There was a  mini-theme in the asterisked clues [rather half-hearted, I thought] and another very topical one in 20ac and 6 and 14dn.

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Independent 7559 / Nimrod

Posted by beermagnet on 7th January 2011


The call goes out for a Friday sub and I stick my hand up thinking I’d get a workmanlike Phi, then Phi appears on a Thursday with an Epiphany themed doozy that gave me a real headache, so I knew I’d be in for something else. (I failed to finish the G’s Bonxie too so I did not have a good track record leading up to this.) When Nimrod appeared I let out a howl.
So past-midnight I forewent my usual tipple replacing it with large mug of coffee for a long session. I knew there would be a fair bit here I don’t fully fathom.

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Enigmatic Variations 946: Message by Rustic

Posted by Dave Hennings on 7th January 2011

Dave Hennings.

A basic 13×13 grid here with a couple of nicks in the outer edge. Clues are given in symmetrical pairs, and every clue has one of its letters moved to the perimeter. A message is spelt out by top/middle/bottom rows follwed by left/central/right columns. No doubt this says Merry Christmas or Happy New Year or both.

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