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Guardian 25,218 / Paul

Posted by mhl on 13th January 2011


A very high quality and entertaining puzzle from Paul – I think this was a nice level of difficulty for a weekday puzzle, and the theme was quite accessible. Lots of good clues here, so I won’t pick out any in particular.

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Independent 7564 – Anax

Posted by Gaufrid on 13th January 2011


This puzzle first appeared in the Indy ‘i’ on 3rd December last year and the day before Anax mentioned in a comment on 15² that it was a puzzle that had “a moderately unusual thematic twist”. I therefore decided to prepare a one-off blog for this ‘i’ puzzle so that people could see the type of puzzle that appears in the ‘i’ on a Friday. However, I was asked not to publish the blog at that time because the puzzle was due to appear in the main paper sometime early this year.

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Financial Times 13,581 / Cincinnus

Posted by shuchi on 13th January 2011


Prize puzzle from the FT of December 31, 2010
An end of year surprise – prize puzzle on a Friday. The clue for 19D sums it up for me. Liked many clues such as 23A and 7D, got some quickly others after a struggle, and there were a couple I wasn’t too happy with.

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Financial Times 13,590 / Gurney

Posted by smiffy on 13th January 2011


This was an abundance of plain-sailing – if anything, the main risk was of skirting too close to The Doldrums in places – and my annotations are correspondingly skimpy, so please holler if anything is unclear.  Overall, the preponderance of double definition clues and gently camouflaged anagrams put me in mind of the Telegraph puzzles of yesteryear (on which I cut my solving teeth).

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Financial Times 13,582 – Falcon

Posted by Uncle Yap on 13th January 2011

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword first appeared on-line on 4 January 2011 which is a Tuesday
Another easy week-starter, this time from a stranger to this slot, Falcon.

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